RIP Munyua Waiyaki

FORMER Kasarani MP Munyua Waiyaki has passed away at the Aga Khan hospital.
Marehemu ni among the old guard ya Jomo and is related to the first freedom fighter Waiyaki Wa Hinga.
More of his story in this week’s TBT

Huu mwaka na next year the Jomo generation itaiisha. Otiende, Waiyaki…teren teren!

RIP. You and Njoroge Mungai were much loved!

Ile shamba iko na huyu jamaa kijipwa Acha tu, you need a chopper ndio uione yote.
Wenzake wakikimbilia beach plot he opted for the badlands

Kibaki Moi Njonjo GG … they will probably outlive you.

Umesahau Kenneth Stanley Njindo Matiba

Yet another looter. Oops !! My bad, another Kenyan Billionaire, whose a huge chunk of wealth is idle land, acquired through political patronage.

:eek::eek::eek: Never knew. Fenced ama iko na squatters?

kwanza how is he doing? his tribulations represent what was bad with a certain era in our beloved homeland, how can you do that to a fellow human being

yours soon

^^^Let me do the official ‘ignore’ so you can knock yourself out.

Bye, honey!

This is the default reply of losers. These people had money when Kenya had a population of just 8 million. They had access to loans and bought vast chunks of land and properties. This is why the Muran’ga mafia managed to buy the whole of Nairobi, and even small gals like Orie Rogo Manduli have vast farms in Kitale - and she bought them!

The fact that many of our/your parents were too busy ferking and did not buy property does not mean the others automatically looted.

Niwangenia muno guka na chiugo ichio, Heo kiria uranyua ninguriha

I believe Munyua akinunua huko kijipwa Wenzake walimuita mijinga

Total BS.

Was on TV yesterday,with former school girl from a school in muranga.they had paid Hon. Matiba a visit in Malindi .

Other were milk men in white farmer lands or forest men in dothua gichagi warufaga marioshoni just enjoying drinking 'mathace"

They had clips of him in the hey days full of energy yaani u compare that to now waa Toro alitenda watu kweli

Brother ya wambui otieno-mbugua