RIP Jerry Heller

Jerry Heller, the longtime music manager that helped launch the career of N.W.A and the gangsta-rap movement, died Friday. He was 75. Heller’s cousin confirmed Heller’s death to Billboard. According to TMZ, Heller died after suffering a medical emergency while driving that resulted in him sustaining serious injuries after crashing his minivan in California. It’s still unclear whether Heller died from the medical emergency or the injuries from the crash.

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R.I.P though I really did not know anything about him. Mimi ni mtu ya Rhumba, Taarab and Bongo, in that order.

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Jerry who?
Never heard of him.
The only famous Jerry I know of is Jerry Springer and Jerry of Tom & Jerry.

huyo mzee anazima radio at the end ndio Jerry Heller

Alifanya Ice cube awe mjanja akajitoa kwa N.w.a ( dre , easy e, mc ren na ice cube ) coz dem days black artists were being enslaved na contracts za music labels.


Watch straight outta Compton

Niccurs wit attitude!

[Ice Cube]
I’m a Nigga Wit an Attitude thanks to y’all
And I don’t give a fuck I keep it gangsta y’all
I’ma ride for my side in the C.P.T.
God bless the memory of Eazy-E
If it wadn’t for me where the fuck you’d be?
Rappin like the Treacherous Three, fuckin cowards
I’d have seen Dre rockin parties for hours
And I’d have seen Ren fuckin bitches from Howard
And I’d have seen Snoop give away Eddie Bauer’s
So fuck Jerry Heller and the white superpowers”

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Nikka fucked NWA with no vaseline till the niggers wisened up.:smiley:
typical jew

And Sue Knight was their uncle Tom nyapara bursting kneecaps with a baseball bat for any who did not toe the thin line. Killuminati