RIP Daktar

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It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance of God’s will that we announce the passing on of Dr. J.J. Okoth Obonyo MBChb, EBS, Ph.D of John Hopkins Hospital, USA. Son to the late Eng. Obonyo Owiro (England). Husband to learned wife Barrister Victoria Obonyo LL.M. Msc, Phil.

Brother to Prof. Emeritus Oluoch Pamba (Germany). Father to 2019 KCSE top student Okoth Jr of Maranda School (Kenya) and English top student Nyanza province Babie Agal. Brother-in- law to Masazuki Suzuki Oluoch (Japan).

Twitter friend of prominent Social Media Content Analyst, Dr. Jarunda Jaluth Mambobiad of Runda.

The cadaver of the late Doctor will be flown to Kenya via private chartered plane on 19th November 2021, followed by a short prayer service that will take place at his five acre home in Karen on 20th November 2021 at 0900 GMT.

Then the cortege consisting of a fleet of the latest German automobiles will leave for his well landscaped and spacious home in Sakwa, Bondo where guests will listen to a special message from fmr President Barack Obama (a second cousin and close acquaintance to the late). Catering is by Serena Hotels Outside Caterers. Come one come all, take neither breakfast nor lunch; just carry your tears, your taste buds and your vocal cords.

Laktar, we loved you, Central Bank loved you, Citibank loved you, Forex Bureaus loved you, K’Ogallo loved you, Samsung loved you, Apple loved you, DT Dobie loved you, Safaricom Postpaid loved you, Universities loved you, Kempinsky and Sankara hotels loved you, Vintage wines loved you, ODM loved you, but God loved you more.

Fare thee well Laktar.

This is why jaruo keypees need to undergo forceful circumcision. They’re fascinated by very childish stuff.

But do I say ? RIP Daktari.

Kambodia tulia

:D:D @Swansea usijifanye hujaona hii thread. Mkiwa na @slevyn , @Jimit , @Half_Human na ,@Mangele .

These are fantasies that idle Jaruos come up with from time to time while in the baba metaverse


If this is how they meditate, they should never never get close to the throne.

Tutakojolewa kichwani.

very entertaining

if you are good ‘‘upstairs’’ marry an intelligent woman for the sake of your coming generation.

Jaruos need to stop this bragging nonsense