RIP Brian Kipyego!

[SIZE=7]CCTV Captures Kenyan’s Deadly Crash Outside Home in Australia [VIDEO][/SIZE]
[li]By DERRICK OKUBASU on 14 December 2021 - 4:43 pm[/li]
A file image of the late Brian Kipyegon who died in a crash in Australia on Sunday, December 12,
A Kenyan family is trying to raise Ksh5.6 million (US$50,000) to bring back the body of their kin who died in a grisly accident in Perth, Australia.
CCTV footage of the crash showed the car ramming into a tree while the 25-year-old Brian Kipyego was behind the wheel.
The accident, which occurred on Sunday, December 12, involved a Holden Commodore car that was speeding along Thomas Road in Orelia, Perth City.

The accident took place barely five minutes away from where the deceased lived.
An aerial view of Perth City in Australia.

“He passed on without even getting married. He passed on without achieving what he came here to do,” stated Alfred Koech, the friend of the deceased.

The family of the late, who worked in the construction industry, is now working round the clock to raise Ksh5.6 million to have his body flown back to Kenya for burial.

His cousin Daniel Ngetich termed his death as a blow to the family and very saddening.

“It is devastating, especially for the family. It is something you cannot even want to imagine.
Sending somebody from Kenya to come study here and going back in a coffin is not something easy,” stated Ngetich.

His Pastor, Zac Mutai, noted that the death was taking a toll on the family and his community both in Kenya and overseas.

“We are going to miss Brian. Dearly we are going to miss Brian. It is really hard honestly, and with the community we have, everyone is saddened,” affirmed Mutai.

Police in Australia has launched investigations into the incident with drugs and alcohol as well as mobile phone use while driving having been ruled out as possible causes of the crash.

It is not clear what caused the accident. (How about speed?..)o_O

And In The US Of A…

Charles Kyalo, known by his moniker Club Charles, landed in the United States of America in 2000 as a teenager, ready to take on the world, which had always been his dream. What he did not know was that the great land of opportunity could also be a place that would box him in, as suddenly the social support that he enjoyed back home was cut off, leading him to be a loner.

Kyalo felt the need to provide a platform where people could come together to socialize while creating networks to help them navigate the stressful American life.
Charles Kyalo(left) and his friends at one of the parties at his house

This saw the birth of Club Charles, where he turned his own home into an entertainment spot, which saw the attendance of individuals from different cultures, in a bid to create a positive environment to interact socially.

He stated that his mission was to mitigate the stress brought on by multiculturalism, as individuals at his parties can distinguish themselves culturally and build connections with others like them.

“After going to clubs which cater to specific cultures, I decided to do it in my house, where people from all cultures come together and bring all the topics that they want to talk about,” the banker stated in an interview with a local TV channel.

He however has strict rules in his parties, in order to maintain order while generating returns.

Guests are required to bring their own drinks and have to interact and share their experiences. He does not condone violence at his parties.

He, in turn, fends for his guests’ culinary needs and has hired a chef to prepare delicacies for the revelers, and also prepares the food himself from the knowledge he has from Youtube.

Charles Kyalo at his clubhouse

His efforts have not been in vain, as individuals who have met at his club have stricken more than friendships, with one couple even holding their wedding at the club.

“We met here, had our engagement party, and got married here, so Club Charles is a great place to be,” the couple stated.

During the lockdown in 2020, Club Charles was a hit with many Kenyan immigrants attending the in-house parties where they enjoyed themselves as the world shut down.

The move was frowned upon online when he posted photos of the parties, but he vowed to continue and insisted that he would never close down the house club - even if it meant paying fines just to keep the party going.

Why ship a dead body…mwili izikiwe/ichomwe pale imedrop…transporting a carcass ni upuz…mchango za ujinga

Mbona wakale wamejaa Australia

Funerals are for the living.

Man, a good chunk of all Kenyans in Australia are Kaleos.

Hehe something that @Yuletapeli will say

I’d stress on the “what he came to do”. Studying, finding a job or starting a business then marriage if possible. Sasa huyu jamaa na mbio zake…

Same way chikuyu imejaa pale Texas,Desseldorf,pretoria ama Croydon

total man ndio alifungulia njia 1990s na scholarships