Riots in Zambia after Chinese shots 17 year old girl

Riots in Zambia after Chinese shots 17 year old girl

Residents of Chimwemwe Township in Kitwe last night rioted and looted Chinese-owned shops following a shooting incident involving a Chinese national and his employee, a teenage girl.

17-year-old Roydah Mumba was shot and wounded on her right ankle by her boss identified as Gao Em Ming, 42, sparking riots in the township.

Police have however ruled the shooting as accidental and are yet to charge the Chinese national who is currently detained at Riverside Police Station.

“There was a shooting incident which occurred yesterday 21st September, 2018 around 18:00 hours at Yuchen Investments Limited at a Chinese shop at Spur Shopping Centre in Chimwemwe Township in Kitwe in which Female Nelia Mumba, aged 38 of Chimwemwe Township, Kitwe reported that her daughter Roydah Mumba, aged 17, a shopkeeper at the above shop was shot and wounded on her right ankle by Gao Em Ming, 42, a Chinese National of Lubambe Centre, Parklands in Kitwe, using a 9mm Glock Pistol, Serial number BFZN 775,” Katongo said in a statement today.

“The incident happened when the Chinese National who was at the Counter selling in the shop started playing with his Pistol which in the process fired and the bullet wounded the Zambian worker who was standing within the shop.

“The victim was rushed to Kitwe Teaching Hospital where she has been admitted for observation. After word went round that a Chinese National had killed a Zambian, residents of Chimwemwe Township got infuriated and started throwing stones and looted the Chinese shop.

“Police quickly moved in and dispersed the mob and kept vigil. Between 20;00 hours and 21;00 hours, the angry mob moved to another Chinese shop, Xingmei Supermarket in Nakadoli Market in Chimwemwe TownShip which was still open and owned by Female Aimi Yan, aged 45 of Chimwemwe, Kitwe, where the mob damaged the front metal door and four windows, before looting property whose value is not yet ascertained.”

Meanwhile, Katongo says police have arrested two suspected looters.

“Two suspects namely Racheal Mpundu, aged 16 of unknown house number in Chimwemwe was apprehended with a table, duvet, and onother man suspected to have been drunk at the time and refused to give his names, who was found with plastic dishes, a duvet was also arrested .

“The Chinese national who shot the worker is currently detained at Riverside Police Station yet to be charged and a pistol with no rounds has been recovered. Scene visited and docket of case opened.”

“Tano Error” in Zambia
Google pia ime-confirm Zambia and Kenya belongs to China;[ATTACH=full]196002[/ATTACH]

Hapa Kenya mchinku hawezi jaribu. I picture Omondi chasing him with stones, Ndauwoh anamgoja na Njora,mkale amemtoa siaka na mshale. Kamau amamgoja anguke amperembee.

what has come of these Chinese in our African soil?

Wacha ukutwe na usungu.pif battalion.


Sande omwami .

Kenya iko na very high population, sasa nakubaliana na Guka.
Zambia is much bigger than Kenya yet their population is like 40% of ours.

Burn that idiot alive…

Soon Zambia will be using guerrilla tactics to fight for their independence all over again.

And how would you relate your theory to Taiwan for instance?

Area: 36,193 km²
Population: 23.57 million (2018)

VERSUS Kenya’s :

Area: 580,367 km²
Population: 48.46 million (2016)

Shouldn’t Taiwan be swimming in extreme poverty and disease? And not a trillion dollar economy that it is today and 7th largest economy in Asia.

Population size does not equate poverty.

Even Nairobi which is densely populated should be poor and full of problems and not the richest county in Kenya. Why is no one moving to Turkana or Baringo?

Hope these aren’t western propaganda

Thank you. @FieldMarshal CouchP always fronts this theory that the main reason we are poor is because we are too many which I believe is one of the reasons for our poverty but issues such as corruption and lack of visionary leaders are bigger contributors.

Riots in Zambia after Chinese shots 17 year old girl

The average Kenyan negro has an iq of 78 whilst the Taiwanese has an iq of 108. You can’t compare a country full of retards with one with Taiwan.

Wapi gunia @introvert

Na hiyo ‘…chinese shots…’ Ngoja washuke…[ATTACH=full]196021[/ATTACH]

No he doesn’t. He says the population growth RATE is the problem but can never independently back it up and insists that it’s our biggest problem, wrongly so. I however in theory agree with him that it’s easier to slow population growth than to reduce a politcians greed.

Also wtf is going on in Zambiao_O

Zambian authorities are clearly owned and operated by their Chinese partners. I hope that we do not get in tgat deep and I am glad that Matiang’i has been methodically weeding out the tourist visa overstayers.