Ringtone involved in a second accident and road rage incident

Saturday, 31 July 2021 – Controversial gospel singer, Ringtone Apoko, was involved in another accident on Tuesday, barely a week after blogger Robert Alai clobbered him with a ‘rungu’ for bullying him on the road.

Ringtone, who is fond of bullying other motorists with his expensive guzzlers, was driving a Mercedes Benz S400 registration number KCE 110E when he knocked the rear side of Toyota IST.

The arrogant singer is said to have acted very rudely after causing the minor accident.

He rudely sent Sh 3,000 to the owner of the vehicle and refused to cater for the whole damage caused.


This guy has some screws loose

Big Mouth Alai must be frosting on the mouth with happiness… :D:D:D

Ile siku atapatana na qasee wa ma AK ndio atashangaa

Huyu kijana anafaa kuvaliwa proper

How does someone “rudely” send money? I wanna try it.

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