Riggy Gee Madness

Riggy Gee is playing with Fire …

Zakayo will be conveniently away for plausible deniability just in case sh*it hits the fan …


What they all forget…
Violence always leads to MORE violence …


Raila odinga telling people that maadamano has refused to pick up and he is going next step to shoot people to add wood to the fire.

Rao awache uwoga . Jeshi Yake tuko

What exactly are you demonstrating about?


Nairobi iko na wenyewe and those people won’t just sit back and watch it go to ruins!

If this is true … then Nabii is deliberately setting up Riggy G and Riggy must be equally daft in the head. Anyone in that position would by now clearly understand who really controls the Kenyan security agencies. The neocolonist do control our core security agencies. From police,military to NIS. Kwanza NIS is purely MI6. I mean … they control it entirely … without a doubt. They … wouldn’t let that happen … unless they allow it. Which I highly doubt. Hii ni kelele ya chura tu … goons wangu wako tao leo ccausing mayhem … kaende katambe. 20k imeenda and I expect results.

Unga na fuer.

Unless he comes out clearly, we the mechanized infantry will not join the protest. Mambo ya stolen victory ilipitwa na wakati

…This suggests that either the government is intending to use significant force today, or there is some undisclosed information. The best thing to do ni kukalisha makende nyumbani leo ama utaikalisha kwa fridge za morgue before close of business.

Hapo tunakumbaliana msenge

20k only and you are shouting hoarse on issues above your pay grade!

Aliingia ofisi 5am


Mtoto ya MAU MAU will burn this country.

I think nabii is more rational than this one

Ati as usual yet we are always blocked hapo junction ya Nairobi academy ndo apite, around 7:15 hivi

Anyone who believes raila and his stolen election stories need to get their head examined. Plus that is clearly a fake letter, or one where they have planned a blood sacrifice for baba

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Mnalia nini? Doesnt Orangutan 1 want to burn the country? So what is the problem if Riggy G does it?

Pwagu kapata pwaguzi. You underestimate the son of mau mau sana …As if one can just sleep ad wake up in his position. HE IS SMART…SMARTER THAN MANY,.SMATTER THAN kUNGUNI1 who has tried to get to power so many times and now his days are numbered. Ambieni Kunguni1 to bring it on. The son of Mau is unshaken…And yall stop bitching. Is everyone in ODM at that time of month.? Very sensitive na kuingiza baridi na kulalamika ovyo… CHill.
Wacha tuone balls za Kunguni1 kaka ni kubwa kuliko wote hii kenya

:D:D:DThe debate with Martha karua was a brutal one

Ghasiaa … wee unalipa goons ama ni kelele ya chura tu. Above my paygrade my azz… nigger I know that fuck goes on in this shithole of ours. If shit is going down I will know n get fuck out way ahead of time.

Calm your tits or you will burst a vein. In the grand scheme of things, accept you are a nobody.