Riggy G

This forest son should be taught on culture and decorum.
In Mukami’s funeral he should be be diplomatic and stop pushing Rao.
He is truthful but should be moderate

Unaambia nani?

Riggy G ako tu sawa. Telling it to baboon right in his face ndio inafanya tunampenda zaidi

No you voted for an ape, don’t expect manners from it

Raila(and his baboons) amezoea kubembelezwa hadi akadhani kila MTU ni muoga. He is seeing a fearless guy who doesn’t give a damn about decorum and diplomacy for the first time in his political career. Atajua Riggy G is a crazy man.

There are Idiots …
Then …
There are REAL IDIOTS … :D:D



Experts Explain Ruto Greeting Raila & Gachagua’s Reaction
[li]by GEOFFREY LUTTA on Saturday, 13 May 2023[/li][/ul]
Photos of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua greeting former Prime Minister Raila Odinga went viral on Saturday, May 13, during the funeral of freedom advocate Mukami Kimathi.

In the first photo, Gachagua greeted Raila while standing halfway. In the second photo, Gachagua appeared surprised when President William Ruto smiled while welcoming the former Prime Minister at the funeral in Nyandarua County.


"Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua greeted Raila first while seated, and then midway through the greeting, he stood up. So it tells you he was caught between standing up and great Raila or sitting. On his part, the President stood up and greeted Raila. That showed the two are not in any superiority contest, " Bigambo stated.


“But for Raila and Rigathi, Remember Raila has not been throwing his political missiles at the President at least not at the aggressive manner he has been directing at Rigathi Gachagua. So Gachagua may be debating whether to extend some respect to Raila Odinga or not,” he added.

The governance expert explained Ruto’s body language and insisted that it exhumed superiority and control. According to Bigambo, it also evidenced that the two were not keen to play politics at the funeral.

“But the President standing to greet him does not demean him because he is not in any superiority contest with Raila,” Bigambo reiterated.

“If you look at Raila’s demeanor, there was no particular excitement when greeting Rigathi. When he was greeting the President while smiling showing that he was easy with him and he was not playing politics,” he added.


Kamiti is for gangsters murderers psychopaths then he is saying Kikuyus are the majority hardcore criminals

Tribalism is also in kamiti

Zakayo will soon get rid of him …
This fool is a liability … :D:D

And the whole shiny eye fraternity, they hate each other , see chifumbitika the Fat mumama hates everyone

Enyewe kukose degree ni vibaya, yani your hero is a brainless fool

Raila is a certificate holder in welding while Riggy G has a Bachelor of Arts degree

You are trying so hard, give up.

Kijana …

Kenya has had fools and sycophants in the DP’s position before …

  • Daniel Arap Moi
  • Joseph Njuguna Karanja
  • George Kinuthia Saitoti


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But …
Viewed in any conceivable context …
For sheer stupidity , lack of good manners and a serious lack of basic intelligence …

Riggy Gee is the absolute rock bottom …

No redeeming features of any kind visible at all …
Bure Kabisa …:D:D

You are too kind …
And you are giving Apes a bad name … :D:D

Hold your breath for a moment…

Can You , even in your wildest moments , BEGIN to even compare BABA to Riggy Gee …!!! :D:D