Riggy-G dispatched to Siaya to sort out Orengo - Odual Mess

[SIZE=6] https://nation.africa/kenya/counties/siaya/judge-transfer-james-orengo-william-oduol-dispute-to-siaya-4232704 [/SIZE]

Siaya Governor will be impeached if he doesn’t style up.

Learn something from Peter Nyong’o…wacha kuleta upus ya Raila/Odmorons to Siaya country government.
You have to work with your deputy.

If Riggy-G comes there to sort you out, there’ll be no yellow card.

Riggy G amekua biggy G ?G being constant SIZE=1.[/SIZE]

Skia hii mavi. Riggy g hukutomba shots ngapi mpaka ulie na kisapere maragoli jinga?