Rift Valley politicians protest Lily Koros ouster

They say Sicily Kariuki has other interests in her “knee jerk” reaction to suspend the KNH CEO.

The angry MPs say Ms Kariuki is siding with cartels in the health sector who have wanted the CEO removed.

SUMMARY: Mtu wetu anaonewa !!!

Saw an MP from RV getting man handled by anti riot police and the 1st reaction from one of his aides was “pigia william”. SMH

Which MP? Whomever he or she is, is not the community spokesperson. If she failed in her job let her go home. Kuna wengi who can take up that position. Her failure and sack isn’t tied to her community.

hii upuzi ya mtu wetu inafaa iishe


Alikula teargas hio siku nani ako na hio clip?


[SIZE=1]Tano tena,kumi freshi.[/SIZE]

Kalenjingas are so tribal? Mtu wetu syndrome is the order of the day there hata watu wakichomewa kwa kanisa ndani. Why why why?

Hehe wacha nikunywe w/cap pole pole

koros alichorewa atolewe. she was set up. how comes its the first time kidnapped babies from knh were being reported about?! It was a setup. Knh hata body organs huwa harvested but its never in the news. The filthy state of that hospital has never been in the news until now.

There were protests even in this village when it was suggested that Eugene and others had been omitted from the list of CS’s. Sanctimonious pretence need people with clean hands, not the same tribalist who defended their non performers people. The Kalenjins talkers didn’t support her yesterday.

We’re being targeted

Iishe kabisaaaa. Mtu wetu syndrome

Kales technically ndio opposition

Waache kuanza kiburi knowing there is the still undecided matter of if tutarudisha mkono.

Who was that low life who protested about exclusion of Eugene and his fellow tumbokrats in fact we celebrated .

Hehehehe, check out the thread ujionee. A few celebrated others lamented (most). My point being the people who point fingers are always of the same opinion when it comes to one of their own.

I expected this. RV politicians are just too entitled, to put it mildly.

Si William ni Uliam. :D:D:D