Riding Amidst Mt. Kilimanjaro Views & Up Close with Giraffe

Experience the thrilling final leg of the epic off-road journey from Rombo town to near Oloitoktok, accompanied by enchanting vistas of Mt Kilimanjaro and an unforgettable encounter with a giraffe in the Amboseli region. Catch the entire episode on YouTube now!

Watch the episode here https://youtu.be/frWvHCZbJxs?si=vdhfu5rBHFH9homI

Huko shamba is how much per acre?

Bwana sijui but its something I am also interested in hahaha

You will buy then the government takes it over. They don’t allow foreigners own property unless you marry a Tanzanian.

Huku nu Kenyan side

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If it’s Kenyan side towards Namanga on the interior, land is very cheap. But it’s dry as hell