Ridiculous Law - 6 Months For Murder

So Israel Adesanya’s friend and teammate Fau Vake was attacked and killed by four men. One of the four men pleaded guilty in court and was sentenced earlier this week. He got 6 months home detention. I used to think Europe had gone overboard with its approach to"humane sentencing" but this has to be the most ridiculous sentence I’ve ever heard. Not even Norway or Denmark can hold a candle to this. So he gets to stay in the house and play video games for 6 months after murdering someone?

The man’s involvement in the incident was at the very early stages of the altercation pale kwa bar wakipimana sauti and yes he pursued both men.The other three,two who held the deceased and the death puncher are yet to be sentenced.Waamuzi wa koti bith sides did not allege, nor did the court find, that the jamaa was responsible for Vake’s death. He was guilty by association but not the actual offence per sé…picture someone being chased down the street to get their arse kicked but end up getting run over by a drunken driver…who do you blame over the death?

In court, Folau was said to have chased Ika Vake into the alcove of a shop, then struck him twice in the head with his fist. He then struck Fau Vake three times in the head while Fau was being held by one of the other attackers.

Wacha boy child apate justice for once at least.

This is the legal case which gives the permission to murder.
It is not an overexaggeration, it really is. Imagine there will be some people who think about killing a person adn they still don’t know whether it will worth it. However, when they hear such court sentence when a murder was sentenced to six years of home detention for killing a person, such people will definetely decide to commin the crime. Such court decisions will bring about lots of chaos in the society. The main objective of the court though is to establish the order. THe courts exists in order to make people live more or less peacefully and in civilised manner.
I hope that this sentence will be appealed and I also hope that it was only a technical mistake.

The issue is that Vake didn’t die on the spot. He survived the attack and died in hospital. It’s possible that he may have died of medical negligence.

That qualifies as common assault. The facts of the case are that there was no premeditated attack and they were not armed.

For example if you slap someone in the heat of an argument and they later die ten years later of the slap injury to the head, it would not be fair to charge you with murder.

It shows that all fact were considered. Sad that he died though. Vake was a professional fighter, he may have had an underlying condition when he was knocked in the ring. He obviously get punched more than ten times during a match. It’s hard to tell what killed him. An sure the evidence led to the convction