Rick Ross: Port of Miami II

I gotta say this is the best album i have listened to in 2019. Ross is the real boss, 14 years of consistency is not easy.
Best song in the album




Will download i hope its not his usual luxury rap.

hiyo picha ya hako ka pendant inakaa kama ya priest wa legio maria.

BTW,can anyone recommend any Rick Ross mixtape with an old-school vibe?

I’ll appreciate!

Uyu jamaa alijaribu kucopy BIG, ndio maana watu hawakumpenda vile
Lakini he put up work

‘I was nominated but never won a Grammy, mayb coz people didnt understand me’


This one slaps them eardrums hard like them rickross bichtes


Hio album ni trash.
2019 album nimeskiza poa[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)][SIZE=7] EL CAPO[/SIZE] ya JIM JONES .


This album has been out for more than three months now sielewi venye unagundua leo and to me, it is a very boring album.

Yes hio album ni pure trash

If you want 2019 albums that are heavy check out Young Thug’s, Post Malone, YBN Cordae , Young Dolph, Wale, Doja Cat and Dababy. These guys had better albums than Rick Ross

Stfu i listen to it when it came out

Apana tambua Mumble rap

Wacha ningoje ralo atoke rumande, rickross is always shallow for my liking

Ralo ndo nani?

trash kabisa…

Go and search his music, though he was arrested last year, so no new music from him

Na boby schmurda bado ako jela ama gs9 gang iko

I don’t know him, let me go and search his music