Rick Owens To Send Models With Their Penises Hanging Out On The Runway

[ATTACH]55869[/ATTACH] Perharps the second most anticipated event in the UK, after the BREXIT, will be today at 2100 hours when the seigneur de la modélisation nue will be live in BBC Lifestyle. Ohhh My i have been patiently waiting for this interview and my bimbo( Le penตs) together with Frankenstien(right bشll) and Dr.Freckhales(left طa#) cant wait for it. Millions round the world will be glued to their screen as Owens unveils his own franchise that seeks to create male g-strings and thongs…which hasnt aurgured well with giant designer laabels as Versace Dolche n Gabana and Armani who have gone to seek a court injuction… Ricky will be launching this products today. Catch Rick owens as he talks abt fashion, embracing male nudity, the dos and donts when it comes to penis modelling… Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ricky we love you so much… You are true inspiration to this generation keep up with the good work…we love you so much welcome to Kenya!!! Ladies and gentlemen may i present to you the amazing the gorgeous the one of a kind the heaven sent Rick owens hitting the runway at his Paris Penis modelling last year…a repeat will occur today at 2100hrs kosa uchekwe



wtf is this? ??

hebu mwambie! !!!

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Lol…Chifu utaenda kwa shetani.nimeamusha mtoto…mimi kwisa

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this is the last time am clicking on stuff posted by this handle. am lost of words to say