Rick and Morty creator

Western world ukipoint your finger to a kunguru (hata kama ako na makosa), it is considered felony battery with intent to cause grievous bodily injuries, sexual assault and domestic violence in one.

It doesn’t matter what you did or what talent you have. Everything is taken from you and you are declared a pariah and radioactive and nobody wants to associate with you anymore.




Huko inakaa unajiwekelea Machuma kwa mboro

Rick &Morty still remains a wicked show.

Huko inahitaji ukuwe vigilante mbaya sana. I always wondered why Wayne Rooney with all that fame and money he used to fuck prostitutes.

and this wicked cancel culture is creeping into our country , ni kubaya

It will only end uko kwa boardroom. Even the president himself lays his hand on his wife, so says the rumors sasa itafikaje adi kijijini kitongoni.