Richest Kenyans in the United States

Who are they, any ktalker know their names?

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Wamefanya nini?

Kuna ule mmama wa Nanok knees na bakin bag … siyuko uko

PAPOL ,ni millionaire ako na net worth ya 1.2 million dollars.

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Google ivory chevy auto group and edata farm kuna wakenya wananukisha kitunguu proper.

In Kenya if you have basics you are very wealthy. 18 million Kenyans live under the poverty line that’s almost half. That means that they live on a dollar a day so if you spend 10 dollars a day in Kenya aren’t you wealthy? It’s only peasants who keep talking about people who have money. Other peoples money has nothing to do with you. Mind your own business. Thou shall not cover your neighbors anything. Be content with what you have.

Damn. Yaani turnover ya 100m USD a year

Kenyan named among top investors in US | Nation
A Kenyan entrepreneur has been named among the top ten most successful businessmen in Georgia, US.
David Karangu was Friday named by Black Enterprise Magazine, a reputable US business publication, as one of the key players in the economic thrust of the state of Georgia.
His Atlanta-based motor dealership company, the Ivory Chevy Auto Group, grossed over $100 million (about Sh8.6 billion) last year.
The company has also been ranked among of largest minority-owned enterprises in the United States.
Karangu, 46, becomes the first African immigrant to make it to the coveted list.
“As the owner of one of the top-grossing metropolitan Atlanta-based businesses, he joins a small but significant list of iconic African Americans who shape the economic landscape of this country,” says the magazine’s annual report.
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The magazine honours men and women with a proven record of prudent money management and use of technology in business.
It also highlights companies in which individuals have [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]at least 51 per cent of controlling shares, if they are listed in the stock market.
“I am very excited about this. I especially love it when they refer to me as a Kenyan entrepreneur based in the US,” he told the Nation at his Atlanta home.

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