Rich spine surgeon discovers: Kunguru hafugiki.

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[SIZE=7]NYC surgeon, beauty-queen wife settle divorce amid his claim she’s a hooker[/SIZE]

A bitter divorce between a top New York City spine surgeon and his beauty-queen wife was quickly settled Monday — after he filed court papers making tawdry accusations that she was moonlighting as a high-priced call girl.

Dr. Han Jo Kim and estranged spouse Regina Turner, a former Miss Connecticut USA, put their contentious split to bed before a public hearing scheduled for 10 a.m. could take place, said Lucian Chalfen, spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration.

The swift settlement followed a stunning 264-page filing in Manhattan Supreme Court in which Kim, 41, sought to annul the marriage — claiming his 32-year-old wife had duped him into the union by hiding her “secret life as a prostitute for wealthy men.”
The doctor alleged that Turner had pocketed nearly $700,000 in cash from johns since 2015.

He filed for divorce in December 2020 after finding a racy text message from another man on a computer in the couple’s Upper East Side home, court documents state.

The pair officially separated in April — and Kim said he then learned his wife had been selling sex for money starting before they wed Nov. 27, 2015, and continuing throughout their marriage, according to the amended complaint filed earlier this month in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Turner’s alleged financial records showed $675,030 in cash deposits from 2015 to 2021 -— with many checks coming from a New Jersey real estate executive, as well as a lighting designer’s UK-based company, according to the document.

“It remains inconceivable to plaintiff that given his substantial earnings as a spine surgeon, and his enormous generosity to defendant, that defendant continued to sell sex for money during the marriage,” the complaint alleges.

Turner, who was crowned Miss Connecticut USA in 2011, allegedly conned Kim while the pair dated, telling the doc that she was working on an app supported by a wealthy investor.

When Kim asked Turner how she was supporting herself while the app was still in development, she claimed she was living off a $500,000 inheritance from her great-grandmother, the filing states.

Actually, “her savings and access to funds derived from her receipt of money in exchange for provision of sexual services,” the complaint says.

Turner allegedly covered up her secret sex work by telling her hubby she was going out with girlfriends or had to travel for work, according to the papers.

The filing says she also lied about her education, saying she had been a chemistry major at the University of Connecticut for three years until she took a leave of absence to compete in the Miss USA Pageant. According to the court docs, she never even graduated from high school.
Lawyers for Turner and Kim did not return requests for comment Monday.

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Huyo daktari Mkorea thought ameangukia mzungu due to his career as a doctor. In normal life, that wife, a beauty pageant would never date him. Pageants ni Mali za millionaire wazungu.

Its difficult for those models to leave a lifestyle that gives them alot of money.

Na mzungu women rarely mess with Asian men. Huyo ni pesa tuu aliona.

The “rich” Asian must be a stingy mofo to keep such tabs on his wife’s finances. That doesn’t excuse what she did but from a financial viewpoint, she stands to gain more from a divorce if she earned an average of over $100,000 per year from whoring while married. She can take whatever few coins he gives her in the settlement then increase her earnings to over $150k annually now that she’ll be free to whore without restrictions. Not too shabby for a high school dropout.

Is any model lets say miss kenya or miss Rwanda, got their way in thorough parting legs?

If you see a Kenyan or Rwandan model living way beyond their means then there is a high chance rich men are paying them for sex.

Majority ni makunguru. Do you know the late Tz billionaire, Mengi married a former Miss Tz after divorcing his wife?

How do you as an african manage dating in the west? I just seen a thread by a nigerian in Ca advising brother to date withineethnicity ie africans preferably from one’s home country? My stance on marriage is well known but once in awhile a brother gotta nut!! How did you navigate it?

Hizo runaway ndio mbillinaires’ huwa wana salimiana.

Kuna jobs zingine which are basically means for kungurus to meet rich men. Modeling, air hostess na news anchor ndio the leading ones. Alafu pia singers na actresses wengi ni makunguru.

She married to a woman who got used to the escorting life and fuacking lots of men

A man who marries a very pretty wife, and a farmer with mango trees by the roadside have the same problem. Tafuta bibi plain Jane, low maintenance in a solid career. Sasa cheza nje na hao models kujibamba. Let other men stress about them but not you.

You just go with whomever falls for you roho safi. When you start using your status, yeah the women will fall for the easy money, but problems will arise. Even sticking to your ethnicity can be tricky. Because African women change in the west. Nigerians typically marry wazungu then divorce. Then they go back to Nigeria and pick up young women, 18-20. A strategy with a high failure rate.

Then mbona mnaumwa when it’s the woman that cheats? Why the double standard?

Because men invest more in a relationship than women. That’s why men take things more personally. Kazi ya mwanamke ni kusema yes ama no to jamaaz. It is the guy who uses all tactics to woo her (kukatia). If she accepts his advances, it is the jamaa who contributes most of the resources for the relationship and marriage to work.

Because no man wants to be used as a provider male to provide and house the female while she is dishing it out to other men

There’s this thing called taxes. When married like he was to her, they must file jointly and declare the source of income. It is highly scrutinized by the tax authority, the IRS. Any discrepancy, can lead to premium tears. Thus the cliche, “the fear of only God and the IRS”.