Rich kids wanatesa


Hizi nowdays are all over and btw are cheaper than most cars owned by watu wa kakitu

What’s her IG

6M for a used car isn’t cheap bruh

Most watu wanakakitu drive Land cruisers, Land rovers ,Range rovers etc which are more expensive and more common to them compared to a porsche cayenne

io gari ni moja ya zile assets expensive sana wako nazo, ao ni watu wanajionyesha wamefika lakini hawana kakitu, mtu rich ni yule ananunua tinga tinga ya 8 million iendeshwe na mfanyikazi alifika class 8.

Ulikua unafanya nini na dzaddzy ndo upige hii mbisha?:D:D:D:D

Uyu amesimama ni matiangi ?

In a nation where to be in the 1% you need 2m in net assets a person who can afford a 6m car ako sawa tu. Plus the land cruiser lacks the class of german machines and land rovers (range rovers) are notoriously unreliable.

So what’s your argument on my point???

Hizi nowdays are all over and btw are cheaper than most cars owned by watu wa kakitu

If there is one thing I know, @Sambamba knows the driver of that car, where he works, where the vehicle is often parked, and at what price it was purchased.

He meets with the owner of the vehicle every thursday at Brew Bistro. They often have dinner as they talk deals.

They both charge kshs 400 for 1000 clicks and not a kopeck more!

The point is anyone who can afford gari ya 6m ako na kakitu in this shithole we live in.

Get your facts right bruh.None of those cars you mentioned is more expensive than a fVcking Porsche.

Zero mileage manenos this is not a used car

How can you tell though?

This a serious question or are you just conversing

Yes I’m serious.Please enlighten me as to how you concluded that the car is new without even seeing the whole of it or seeing the odometer

hio gari ni zero milleage ama ni mtush?
spending 10m kwa gari banae…

alafu utapata ghaseer anaiita outback ya brown

It’s actually 20m thereabout.Ridiculous money

that’s an old model, it got quite an upgrade around 2018-2020 and the cost is almost 20m. Turbo S