Rich ho or a stupid ghel?

Inaonekana viashara ya ikuss inasaidia hizi ghassia, men should pay peanuts to this coomer holders, y pay sausands to a mtaro and go back to ur bedsitter as the ho lives in a 2 bedroom? [ATTACH=full]332484[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]332488[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]332489[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]332486[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]332485[/ATTACH]

A tragedy is unfolding. The path she has chosen has consequences, she will learn the hard way.

ashaanza kukuwa round na ni msichana mdogo, she won’t last 5yrs

Anangojewa base ya keg kama mwenzake Eldoret. These young women never learn. Huyu kwanza vile ako mboch standards 5 years ni mingi, lemme give her only 2 years tumsahau

Boob’s zimeaguka na kitabi imekua Kama mmama amezaa and she is 19 year old teen :smiley: I agree with the wall theory. Let’s drink [ATTACH=full]332498[/ATTACH]

Leta hekaya omwami


Tom we ferk this young ghels so we have to discuss their wares

Vera Sidika seems to be doing okay so far … :smiley:

But wacheni kujadiliana sana na maswali mingi hazileti shangwe. Kama anatombeka tuwachie hapo la sivyo atupwe kwa sekshen ya makunguru sugu

Kitu naskia hapa ni “senjeeeee hallo hallo…”:smiley: this is not enterpanuaring ile amezoea aachie wenyewe hii kazi

Third and last photos have evidence of someone headed for the wall at a break neck speed.

Wacheni siasa mingi, Labda hio nyau ni tight kuliko 2020 USa election

think people… she is in it for the money , hakuna kazi…maybe she wants to land the richest sponsor or get adverts or something…most likely she’s a peddler

Tell Tom bayote he is bitter and ranting like a bitch for a peddler

Aongeze bidii so she makes millions that she would use for costly medical procedures to maintain her body for the market standards

If my daughter ever turns out like this thot I will disown her. This amount of ratchetness is creepy and scary