Rich Alpha meo getting disrespected by the wife in public



I thought only @Baby Panay and ordinary niggas ndio hujipata kwa situashen kama hizi…


Tyrese aint no alpha. Sometime back, he was crying, sobbing online bout some baby mama drama bs.

Sadness of life.

She just moonwalked on his ego…in heels.

The meffi short clip wa TikTok battalion ndio target audience

Hii hapa maybe akiacha wife all his money gone. Can’t think of any other reason to stay

Tall, dark and handsome or Mzungu is the image majority women have as ideal man before they met any of y’all. Hamna hizo zote plus IQ of Obama and money like Andrew Tate.

It shouldn’t matter now because tayari yuko na uyo nigga…disrespect iko apo wacha tu

From his tired response and the way she just keeps going like there’s nothing wrong, it’s not the first time she’s talked to him like that.

Could be scripted

He should find a way of respectfully terminating her. Coz he is the biach am sure he is the one who cooks . He should consider steel wool like Kenyan tired post wall wives and terminate the biach . He can also start putting some little cocaine on the whores tea to zombifie it .hapan tambua muanamke Malaya

I noticed that too. She must have been a student of @TrumanCapote

They’re just chasing clout same as Bahati and his fellow bitch, Size 8 and her DJ bitch, and WaJesus Family.

kuna video of him shaving a woman’s pussy on a live Instagram video

But hio disrespect, assuming si scripted, haikuanza tu hivyo. Alitest the waters akajua this man won’t do anything.
Ka hii hapa

When does a wife get emboldened enough to publicly say she’s been faking orgasms for 10 years. Ubaya ya such women, the ones who have no notable talent, they are usually jealous of their husbands fame. So they do this public disrespectful shit to lower them or wapate clout

That’s what you get when you live with an American woman.

hii ni emotional abuse , hio muyamaa ikona low self esteem to put up with such crap

Tyrese bana?
Hapo ameniangusha.
Remember his music videos? Daaaaamn!
Seems also like he was sniffing some illegal stuff as he was sticking fingers in his nose. Sad

Huyo nyeuthi should go to country that has no extradition treaty with Americunts. Acquire citizenship huko. Start disposing your assets. Torokea huko ako na citizenship marry huko live a low key life. Tuone huyo kunguru atakula nini.

Am trying to word it si ata madem who are married to famous individuals kuna vile madem wenye wako chini always try to put you down among their friends kuonesha ata you are not that guy to them