rhumba lovers

what is the name of the artist and song at 1:06:08?


Shala muana

i’ve googled/youtubed but nothing, what’s the name of that track?

There you go. Thank me now

awesome sir, thanks!

As for me,Rhumba mimi hupenda zenye zina this type of flow…


There is a great dj mix of such songs niliwahi post hapa.

Link please

Ngoja nifike kwa wifi

@Afro hebu sample this;

Rhumba safi

Papa wemba - kaokokokorobi is my all time favorite rhumba

the Madilu laugh is iconic.
wadau ni rhumba gani huwa na the words ‘mama oo dumbe dumbe’…or kitu kaa hio

It used to be mixcrate.com . Napata the site no longer exists:(

No problem. Thanks