Rhodes Scholar

Siasa ni sumu walai. It can turn the best brains around to zombified hard-core sycophants who toe the party line without question or resistance. @sani leta quote hapa.





Ameambiwo atakuwa the next Joseph Goebbels lite.


I always say Economics is not a science. So Ndii is just a highly paid theorist who sings to the tune of his paymaster.

Econ is a liberal art si ata business major

Stop hating! Econ is part of STEAM buana (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) :D:D:D

Dafuq. :oops::oops::oops:

It is STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and NOT STEAM.

He was being sarcastic Bwana

the two tweets are not contradictory, I think its a very intelectual position on part of the economist, on one hand he gives backing evidence to show the downside of religion and in the other he points to the constitution in support of those who want to practice the same to do so.
If he was the one preaching or giving the sermon then one would question his intellect, lakini those 2 tweets show his intellect more than the implied lack of

Understanding sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence.

Those statistics are bollocks to begin with.
-On wealth vs religiosity the middle East countries contradict the narrative that is being pushed.
-Moral, social development and happiness are very subjective metrics that are impossible to determine.
Is the US more moral than Kenya because we oppose ghey marriage ?
Whose morals are we basing judgement on?


samehea tothi