RG Mugabe was not going to take that bus


Hehe… this jamaa had lost it kiasi in his old age

May he rest in peace.

He had balls unlike the weak bonobos we have today.

European Journalists want to belittle African leaders

He still had it.

How can you approach a president in such a pedestrian manner and start asking stupid questions.He actually was provoking him and he needed a beating

Nyinyi watu if you only knew ile tribalism, poverty and inequality that is in zimbo as a result of this fucker, you wouldn’t hold him in high regard.

He is Blunt just like @Ndindu. I don’t mince my words tukipatana na hawa maumbwa kwa Malls hii Nai.

I tell them to pack and go back to Europe.

Mugabe had balls that even Mandela didnt have. Alale vyema. We have bonobos for presidents here in Africa.

Even Amin had the so called balls. Should we glorify these dictators for destroying their countries?

The mother fucker butchered his own people. Useless burger.

Mandela was an arsehole.

Who? Mugabe or Mandela?

Mugabe. Read about the Gukurahundi genocide.

Mugabe was a real man unlike the eunuchs we have nowadays

What did Mandela do for his people?

What was he supposed to do?

I always ask my peers…looking at our current young generation simp boys calling themselves men who have to take alcohol or drugs so as to get the courage to do anything… if God forbid this was the generation colonialists found in Africa when they came…do you think Kenya would be independent…wanaume wamekuwa worse kushinda mabinti…when sober guys are meek like a dick which has mwagad

Help them. Give them back the land stolen from them by the brits.