Rexxumbwa kujia hii

anapanguza mkundu aje

Mtu ni Mammoth na anakula kama mbwa, kumbe hizi USA homosexual foods zinaeza fanya mtu anenepe bila shepu ama macheso

This one is single ,it’s sad kuoa ama kukua na girlfriend na anabomoa dishi like there is no tommorow, meanwhile when the ikusde becomes as watery as mt Kenyan…ukianza kucheza nje +kulala nje anafikiria you are filthy.
Hii ukubwa comes with 1.rampant snoring .2 smelly mouth and 3, waterlogged, extremely waterlogged coomer.

:Dholy Mary check minute 15, the hippo is rolling spangetti with fork then dipping it to the soup with hawk precision ,am sure if there was a normal straight husband depression would be killing him from inside as he cheers;do it baby do it…

She’s Not fat…she’s actually FAT

Mali ya @Rexxsenga

Boys …
If you want pictures of some Good Booty …
All you have to do is ask nicely … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: