Rexxsimba organises a pool party.

@rexxsimba … sisi petit women connoisseur tukae wapi … naona mboga zako ndio zimejaa huko


I am really misunderstood on this village …
There are several types of Booty …


My preference is from “Bubble” upwards …
But , there are limits …




It’s an aquired taste …




Hio maji ukiweka litmus paper lazima ita change colour.

A lot of backward prejudice and untruth in that statement …

Remember 70 years ago in this country when you could not swim in the same pool with whites because of the belief that black skins would contaminate the water …???


You can’t take joke?

Tuoneshe pancake butt






Wacha ikae

Bada…what? Looks real baad



It depends on the eye of the beholder …

Here is some of your typical regular diet CBD Roadkill for Contrast and Comparison …

Toa Maoni Sasa … :D:D







Hehe, “…regular diet.…”
No, thanks

Mbona umekataa na nguvu ivo

Life is short, usipoteze time kwa kitu hutaki

I don’t see any of the Juvenile KSH: 200 gang saying anything here …

Bure Kabisa …:smiley: