Rexumbwa katombewa new bride

Barely a few days after rexumbwa paying the bride price and ignoring warnings of marrying a whore. Intelligence imefikia rexumbwa na akaanza Ku threaten Bibi a recant all her sponsors kina @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii in public.

But hio Ni Maisha gani ya kutolea Bibi ultimatums daily yet she is a crow of the streets.



Ummeffi. Peleka huko kilimani mums

SIMPs in the comments hawking for puscy

Hehehe bitch really knows how to play fast and loose. It shall end in premium tears.

That bitch is hot, she’s allowed to cheat. That pussy is too sweet to be reserved for one man.

Chinedu needs breakfast biiitch

Huyo ni pussy peddler…najua watu wamesalimiana, but I know nothing.
Wah! small world indeed.

Viewer Discretion:-This post requires proper attire to understand. If you dont have one,the village boutique will provide you with…[SIZE=1]at a fee[/SIZE]

Unahitaji spectacles, rafiki. Hapo hakuna kitu.

Peasant in Chief

Kijana, you’re a nobody. Your opinion means shit to me.

Isn’t language weird

“Doesn’t mean shit” “means shit”

That song( is shit-is the shit- isn’t shit)

Why the vitriol, rafiki. Kwani Sunday imekua mbaya, ama?

Peasant in Chief

Be gone peasant


Peasant in Chief

Ukipendwa pendeka. Si Mungu amejibu maombi yako ya shemale.

that whore is past her prime ukimuona live ameanza kuchapa ndio unaona anakimbilia ndoa

Mezeni Wembe …
Babe has scored a Life Partner …





Huyu mpee miaka tatu tu uone akikaa nyanya yako Risper Faith. These typa bitches age like freshians on steroids.