Rex Heuermann victims

This story keeps getting sweeter y’all. There’s even an unidentified Asian male’s body found on Gilgo beach. Damn New York. What kind of crazy shit is this? An NYPD drugs detective swinger also had sex with Rex Heuermann. Apparently men who swing are bisexual too. Been a long time for we true crime obsessed folk to find such a sensational story. Kwanzaa the part of the swinging parties with the NYPD cop who gave a sex worker a lift to Rex Heuermanns house where there having a swinging party. Yes. His wife was there too. Damn.

The likes of @MTINGIZA_KITANDA walipitwa na such activities just coz they were busy in Mukuru Kayaba scavenging for food. Iyo tu. Else angekua kwa one of the biggest scandals out tere

Body count keeps growing. Karen Vergata slain sex worker, who was at one of Rex Herman’s swing party at his house , alipekwa huko na polis. Heh. Series loading.

Nimekimbia to click thinking ni resident rexx wa Kijiji :grin:

This is hardcore shit.Rexxy is so soft.

Huh? @rexxsimba

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Ati Contortionist ni soft? Hehe
He strikes the village as unfailingly hard, perpetually.
Huyu wako ni Rex Human. Wa hapa ni Rex Simba, a wiry beast.

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Naona mumechoka kuniheshimu … :slightly_smiling_face: