Fellow Kenyans, with all these corruption, when are we doing the revolution? Tutawahi fanya revolution?

Revolution happens if the underlying cultural and social differences are set aside for a common goal.

It’s hard in Kenya to start revolution because you have a camp of shinny eyes who see the government as heaven sent and dimmed one who see govt as devil sent .

One camp will start the revolution and the other camp will help police beat up the revolutionists. Our politicians have perfected their bad politics on this nasty primitive foundation called tribalism .

Best of luck in your dream sir


In Kenya it’s one set of thieves trying to snatch the pie from another set of thieves. No side has the moral authority to try pushing for a revolution.
Cord was supposed to start protests against corruption.
Then Kilifi happened and they slowly deflated.




[SIZE=5]“It is patently manifest, that the people who complain the most about corruption and marginalisation cannot even dig themselves pit latrines.”

Sir Winston Churchill, 1947.[/SIZE]


Nonsense only revolution is for fishermen to stop shondeing in lake victoria

Brother tell me about living legends mimi hapana tambua dead legends

As long as we have thieves being recycled into leadership positions, i’m afraid that will always be a pipe dream…


You think a revolution is a movie that can be downloaded via torrents? That pen that you stole from your workplace or at the bank…doesn’t it mean that the NYS millions would not have been safe near you? NI OPPORTUNITY UMEKOSA NUGU HII!
How did “safi kama pamba” behave when he got near tax payers money?

No matter how much a government can be corrupt, i would highly detest even the slightest idea of a revolution. In kenya where there is no sense of patriotism and where the only ‘ideology’ is tribal BS, a revolution means war of peasants against peasants and slum dwellers spilling into high end estates to kill and loot as a way of releasing their hitherto suppressed frustrations and sadism.
In fact, even if the government lost all of its revenues to corruption, they only protesters would be the unemployed who have nowhere else to go. Many Kenyans don’t mind even when the government loses billions for as long as they feel ‘secure’ in their apartments and for as long as they receive their salaries.
A revolution cannot thus work in Kenya- even if the circumstances demand a revolution, many people are too attached to their selfishness to see the wider picture. In fact, if Kenya is invaded by aliens and our army overwhelmed, only VERY FEW Kenyans would volunteer to grab that gun and walk the talk. Most would still be glued to their screens watching Hollywood and others to their FB page updating their ‘followers’ about their new ‘cute’ babies.
We have been stupefied into believing that being politically conscious is weird and only consumption of foreign goods and cultures will make us look ‘modern’ and ‘sophisticated’.
Kenya is at the stage where it demands active political participation by everyone-- unfortunately, many middle class Kenyans imitate the post-industrial american culture not realizing that Americans can afford to be ‘dumb’ because their forefathers already established for them very strong institutions and their country is already enormously rich. In high school, you never imitated those sons of Moi’s henchmen because their future was already secured. But we allow Hollywood to make us docile thus, even if realities demanded a revolution, very few would participate because, well, Americans, our cultural gods, don’t participate in revolutions because it is ‘uncool’.
Thousands and thousands of South Koreans of all walks of life are holding protests, demanding the resignation of their president. In Kenya, if uhuru personally stole 100 billion from the government, the ‘protests’ would be a tribal war between luos and kikuyus on the streets and looting in supermarkets.
We are miles away from practicing mature democracy and thus if you throw a revolution into our immaturity, you’d only succeed in igniting a civil war with our ‘leaders’ watching the unfolding carnage from the safety of western capitals before trooping back to rule over the remnants.


You would have thought the Churchill had a particular group of people in mind when he uttered those words. No hating.

mzae,wewe ni mkisii ama kimani ondieki?

woow I like your way of thinking.It irritates me how Kenyans conform to every western BS I can’t even get out to the streets on flip flops,apparently that is uncouth but no one has an argument as to why it shouldn’t be done they just follow and don’t question.

Ha ha ha! Wīkū thubu mūndū wa nyūmba?

he he he,mundu wa house

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Ni ukweli, if we start a revolution, Kenyans will start looking for who is kikuyu, who is kamba, nani mjaluo, mkale… and start killings instead of following up and demanding back our looted billions from the politicians. Thanks for reminding me.