Revolution Loading Next Door. Hata Hapa Kenya This Is Our Opportunity

Wanagoja taarifa kwa hamu.



The bloody revolutions you peasants talk about is all fcking nonsense. You kill each over stupid politics and in the evening all those “fighting” politicians meet at Windsor and enjoy a drink . For a revolution to work, every citizen has to be suffering which is true in Tanzania regardless of your status, so if Magafuli doen’t make there will be some scuffles here and there.In Kenya the rich continue to eat and get fat; from sugar and maize importation to Covid supply tenders to Goldenberg to land grabbing and they will fight any means to disrupt the status quo. You guys enjoy the hustler narratives na mkae kwa amani, Kenya ina wenyewe and Revolution is a bad word.

The .ke population is sufficiently divided along tribe lines that the political class only needs to do a little “topping up” of the already entrenched deep divisions during a crisis.

This renders the masses powerless and incapable of revolt.

Huijui Tanzania…na hao wanaleta hayo maneno ni opposition waliopigwa uchaguzi…hakuna cha revolution wala bibi yake revolution…Siasa za tz ni kama China au Russia wakati Kenya mmebase sana kwenye siasa za magharibi

Revolution is never about the common mwananchi. It’s about another elite wanting to take over from another but using the blood and sweat of commoners. Yes megafool’s COVID denial has been foolish. But putting curfews while politicians led by the president continue to hold superspreader political meetings is more foolish

No revolution is happening in Kenya.

Choose hustler,bbi or Linda Katiba and do your daily activities Bila kusumbua

The tribal division in Kenya does not pave way for any kind of revolution. Only Tinga was capable of starting one but now he is out of the game.

There will not be a revolution in Kenya. If your president tells you 2 billion is stolen every day and you just go on with your lives as usual how will you revolt? If tenderpreneurs become millionaires overnight and they say they prayed for it or just happened to be passing by and you don’t do shit how will you revolt? I could name a dozen other scandals but you get the point. The government knows they can get away with anything because Kenyans are foolish sheep. Revolution ni ndoto omwami.

You forgot the one Konyagi asked “munataka nifanye nini?” about corruption. In a country with a united populace, that alone would have sent him home mara hio hio.

BUT some things that the commoners were crying about DO change after a revolution.

Most times no. The new rulers intact start hunting these commoners deemed rebellious before hunting down the former rulers

mungich umeosha kuma nikubinje

Nimekwambia Mara ngapi ya kwamba hiyo ni Kazi yako?

Bonobo Ndindu Niaje?