Revisiting Jouvenel Moïse assassination

Whatever this was, it was a poorly planned job. There was no goal really. Someone just woke up, with Ak47s under his bed and decided to execute a President.

It was pooly planned inside job. Dimitri, the presidents head of security detail was in it.
There’s enough evidence.

The poor of Haiti continue to suffer…sad

And someone wants it to go on that way… Apparently Haiti is a key drug route …

I read somewhere that he spent the last 10 minutes of his life pleading with his security detail to help him but no one came. Why didn’t he have a bullet proof panic room in his house or even gun on himself? He was too lax imo. Rip

If your security detail want to off you zambarua there’s little you can do about it, heck they’d even give you a semi loaded with blanks and you’d be none the wiser.

Exactly and this is now the only route left as Najib Bukele is in total control of El Salvador (Read; The El Salvadorian Mafia, las maras= (18th street gang, Maya Salvatrucha) are having a rough time under Najib Bukele.
Bukele sealed off the southern part of the country especially the border post with Honduras (la puerto de la frontera Honduras) but also heavy patrol boats holding the lagunas de la puerto de la union by Nicaragua) and heavy security on the 2 highways leading to San Miguel which is the second largest town in El Salvador.

His last moments