Reviews za hii poko ya fedha?

elders ukweli tu nimeingia tiktok na kum follow :smiley: . hii takataka ntatomba

, see more of her [ATTACH=full]476866[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]476867[/ATTACH]

Tangulia na ukuje na a comprehensive review…nakufuata unyo unyo if it’s worth it i make her bean tired too:D

…hehehe Kijiji inangoja Mzee apewe jibu

Who has her most recent number? The one I have seems not to be on WhatsApp.

huyu nilikulia kwa nairobi hot

Hiyo iko SAWA. Kula.


Hawa wasichana wako na relatives kweli?

How much?

Ebu give us the methodology using illustrations you used to arrive at this conclusion

Case studies will be appreciated. Thanks.

Observation tu. From the high class escorts like vera and huddah, to these TikTok lanyes. They all have queen or boss in their username.

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Eh I have learnt something new…never really paid attention to the name but from today hence forth I will be doing so to determine the ukungurusity of these crows


Huyu ana-insist niende kwake, ni-worth it?

I mean that was very obvious.

I don’t do hoes like you.

From this statement, you don’t do hoes indeedconfused brat

How?? You can doesn’t mean you do. Ama that’s too much grammar for today. Its really frustrating dealing with bonobos.