Reverse KCB bank to Mpesa transaction

How do you reverse money sent from KCB account to a wrong Mpesa number?
It was a direct transfer from the account

Send message to 456 Kwanza

Utangoja bro…

Next Engage KCB using Twitter. They respond fast

contact bank. but reversal minimum 24hrs

Can’t the message from the bank doesn’t have the same format as from mpesa just reference number with a different format

Shit happens

Hiyo imekunywa maji…

Difficulty to get help.

Sometime back I bought 20K Airtime instead of sending it into my M-Pesa from my Bank.

Talked to the Bank and they said the money is with Safaricom and they can’t reverse.

Talked to Safaricom they said they can’t reverse to the Bank…

Asked Safaricom then to allow me to make my Postpay Payment using part of the amount.

They told me it is not possible to convert airtime into Postpay…

So was left with 20K worth of airtime and since I was on Postpay I still had to make the monthly payment anyway.

Eventually exhausted the airtime by loading it to others in exchange for cash

This is pure theft, they ought to refund the money at least to your mpesa account


Isn’t it better for him to talk directly with them through their customer service number. Inakuanga apo nyuma ya atm card. Nmewai saidika haraka sana, though it wasn’t about mpesa.

0711087001 piga iyo namba ongea nao

Hata WhatsApp

That too but wakasema nope. Fortunately my talkative friends helped me finish up the amount.

Did the same but with coop…it took a week to get it back…

From NCBA experience when you do an erroneous bank to MPESA transaction,
Call the bank directly, share the transaction details.
They will then liaise with the green behemoth to initiate a reversal so long as the funds were not withdrawn. If the funds are intact, that should be 24 hours (or 1 working day) to reflect back to your acc.

Nimepata pia App Yao ya loop inafanya maajab iko fresh