As from my earlier hekaya I had narrated to you guys how I got a beating before I had a chance to reach my threshold which at that time was just two very quick ones and I planned my sweet revenge on one Kirwa who I refer to as critter.
First of all if you ever find two or more kalenjin men calling themselves “bakuley” hapana cheza nao. Those guys faced a knife one chilly morning together and the bond yenye iko hapo acha tuu.
Back to the hekaya as you know I had been humiliated in the highest degree possible on the December holidays and I planned my revenge from the time I started term one in class 8.
On the April holidays my father took me to the farm walked me to my lodging thicket and told me to clear the bushes and till the land in preparation for planting wimbi that was a way for a parent to tell you that that year your ngetet days will end.
The year flew very fast and soon it was December I went trough the initiation and on the day that we were “graduating” a sherehe had been put up for us complete with music. Hiyo siku ndio Kirwa alipata haki yake.
You see I had told my Bakuleys what had befallen me and they also seemed to have had run ins with the guy soo here we were 6 guys with a grudge against the critter.
The fool had the nerve to come to the muziki"or it was the allure of girls". lucky for us fate had brought him to us.
The critter in a few was dancing with a lady, you see in this village dances there were a few ground rules the first one was that you could dance with any girl on the floor but no taking her anywhere the second one being you could request a song from the DJ and it will only be played after paying a small fee and if someone doesn’t like it then they have to pay more for it to be removed.
Our friend who I now think was in a dryspell did the worst thing he took the girl he was dancing with and disappeared into the maize plantation that was bordering our house all the while we were watching him, the guy then changed. Course for his singira without knowing that he had tails. We waited until they were a distance from our home where his screams would be mistaken for a drunks on his way back from the muzika and no one would investigate.
We ambushed them and in a short while they guy was subdued being no match for six heavily fed teenagers. We now surrounded the guy with the girl having taken off to God knows where “Mmoji whenever you are please forgive us from preventing you being laid”, here we were six teenagers planning on the perfect punishment for Kirwa.
That’s when a Mr. Kibet who went on to be a teacher came up with the idea that we just keep the guy kneeling until such time as we may deem fit to let him leave.
The critter kneeled there on the footpath for a solid 3 hours while we took turns checking on him soo at one particular time he had no less than 3 of us watching him while taunting him, the guy finally gathered his courage and rose up quickly to flee only for his legs to cramp ama ni muscle pull but the guy fell on the ground like a sack of maize and let out a heart shattering scream the guy shrieked kama a cat yenye imekanyagwa mkia and that’s when we realized that something was wrong and we just disappeared from the scene.
His screams attracted people who came and helped him the guy ended up being rushed to hospital that night and could not walk for a whole of 3 days while also having to be helped in the toilet. And when asked on how he got injured he said that we beat him but with the lack of any physical injury the all village just concluded that it was a rare disease “Polio (this rumour was pushed by me)” which Saw him avoided by ladies. This days when I go to the village to check on my telefarmer projects I always see him toiling at his brick making business lakini heshima ilidumu from that day.

What is you saying bagule?

Summary ndio hii ~~~> Ngetet had his bell end chopped. He cockblocked the guy that had cockblocked him earlier.
Again pole kwa masaibu

not all heroes wear capes.
ahsaande omwana wefwe

unaeza leta link ya part one tafasali bakuley