Revenge Cheating by ladies

If your husband cheats on you or you are unhappy with him why cheat for revenge? I mean cheat if you really want to but not to pay back someone who won’t even realize that you cheated. I have never understood this concept of revenge cheating. If your husband cheats on you just stop having sex with him, I don’t see the point in you going out to cheat.


Wamama si tulisema mwanaume akicheat hakuna kulia unamsupport through cheating back na umake sure hajajua. Sasa nilikuwa nauliza hivi, naweza cheat na ball ya one month? Will it affect my baby?(will use cd) coz honestly ile hasira niko nayo sioni nikivumilia ati hadi nizae na nimalize kunyonyesha wale wa kanisa gongeni tu like mkiendaga

Have a sit down with a woman whose been cheated on and did revenge cheating and listen to her closely…then maybe youl understand why she pulled such a move.
I dont support it as it may end up being a lose lose situation with very nasty consequences…but sometimes it helps even the score.
I have a tight female buddy of mine who completely screwed up her hubby of 8 years with revenge cheating.
The mans okay but he had a mental breakdown thats had nasty side effects for the past 3 years.
Very long story but in short woman let the hubby walk when she was banging the hubbys sworn enemy…when hubby walked in instead of guy and woman ceasing combat…they just continued in full view of the hubby. Hubby ana a few lose nuts mpaka leo.
And guess what…they still together. Philandering imeisha.
Nili inulia huyo dame mikono.

What if he had killed them? I understand that it evens the score and takes the pain away even if the man never finds out bcz I see women cheat with workmates when their husbands are frustrating them and it seems to ease their pain but I am wondering about the effects it has on the woman long term. My observation has been that when a woman starts the revenge cheating its like gradually she becomes promiscuous and sleeps around with a lot of different men. It’s like her self esteem gets lowered more and more with each encounter. She becomes indiscriminately promiscuous. Let’s not forget that she can get pg and get STDs from the men who she’s cheating with since most married people don’t use condoms when they have extramarital affairs. Maybe bcz they’re used to raw sex in marriage. It’s not good for her and it’s like taking up smoking because your partner has started smoking, it’s your lungs you are punishing not your partner. To me the best thing is to stop having sex with the person completely. Maybe have separate beds or rooms.

When you get married, just don’t cheat. If you have to, be exceptionally smart about it. Plan it months in advance. Meticulously. The reason I say this is so that you will never hurt your wife with your selfishness. Make sure your cheating doesn’t destroy her. If you must, then hide it.

Men make the mistake of treating their wives differently when they start cheating. Less sex. (Although at the very beginning when you start cheating, the sex at home becomes amazing because of excitement. For a moment)

Eventually the excitement wanes and the reality that you are now servicing two women begins to strain you. You fuck Carol with the big boobs mchana-she drains every last drop out of you because she lets you eat hadi mkia. Ukifika home wife is on full heat. You can barely reach threshold which you normally have no problem doing. Most men will then neglect their wives. Women are extreme sensitive to any changes. She will pick it up before you even realize anything is different.

Something else is phones. Please when having an affair, keep it offline. Completely. You want to avoid records. Men who sleep with prostitutes know what i mean. Deleting is always fun until you forget to. Or you leave traces. Eg. Mpesa messages tell tales. You dined at Al Yusra. Bill ni kubwa haiwezi kuwa ya mtu mmoja yet you lied hukuenda hoteli lunch.
I have discovered affairs through mpesa messages it’s not even hard.

Anyway when your woman finds out. Wow. I really must say sorry. If your wife has caught you cheating just know that she went through a hoe phase during her healing process. Probably - not a must for all.
Most women will cheat back. Most of them discover that it doesn’t heal the pain but oh well- the thrill of stepping out is not to be underrated.
The worst part becomes the reality that she may decide to make your marriage open. You know, if she meets a guy and likes him, she’ll cheat back mercilessly without guilt or shame. You can never outfuck your wife.

Moral of the book, don’t cheat. The price is too high. You already have pussy at home, don’t be greedy.
I’d you must cheat, be exceptionally brilliant in it. Plan it like a robbery. Do not be too nice after because of guilt. Do not change anything. Just be you.

Protect your wife’s heart bro. Once you crush that heart you won’t like the demon you meet. Trust me.


Cheating for both men and women is a drug I wouldn’t recommend. When you go that road, there’s no easy way of turning back,that’s it for you .You fuck like no one’s business

Hehehe wewe hii advice yako you are addressing it to the wrong gender. How can a man plan for months how to cheat when most of the time, and by nature, hes cheating with random women?

Consequences will be felt for years. Planning for an affair is how you get smart.
Avoid random chaotic pussy unless there are no traces left.

If you decide on having an affair though, be smart. Very smart.

Si ni wewe ulioa? Were you forced at gunpoint? Marriage is an investment. And when you start making loss because of lack of penile discipline, bruh you’ll sing from the anus.

Revenge cheating doesnt take away the pain…it just puts everyone on their toes, lots of unease and tension…its just a matter of time before things blow up. Its really unpleasant. Watu wanavumiliana sasa. Even the slightest mis step can trigger chaos. Youl never see the couple together but the day you do…the body language gives it all away that somethings not right.

From what ive seen…cheating doesnt trigger promiscousnes…the cheaters just go back to default settings…my pals quite young…28 very pretty very well maintained endowed western woman…so much that she was even scoring with college dudes at that age…she was just as welcoming even before marriage.

My opinion is dont revenge cheat…afadhali ujitoe. Utajiumiza na unaweza wengi wasiokuwemo pia. Just walk away.

I understand cheating because you are interested with someone else or even to find solace from the misery of your primary relationship but I never understood why people cheat because they were cheated on. Are you trying to get the other party to feel the pain you are going through or what exactly? Or to show them that you are also capable of cheating. I don’t know but to me it’s kind of childish. To go roll in the mud with the swine. It is degrading and exhausting bcz at the end of the day those people you sleep with mean nothing to you and you still love and want to be with your significant other. Sex is a very sacred act to be given out based on external triggers like your partner cheating on you. I don’t know really. Relationships are so complicated. You are just damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If you sit back and let your partner cheat without following their bad example your maturity is taken as a weakness. If you cheat you end up feeling worse and becoming something that you are not which hurts your self esteem and demeans you. Personally I would just stop having sex with the person completely and get on with life bcz you can’t control an adult or compel them to be faithful if they don’t really want to be. All you can do is protect yourself and your children from harmful effects of your partners philandering. I think that I have seen women suffer so much that I’m resolute to switch off from anyone who causes me any kind of pain with immediate effect. I don’t want to get caught up with another person’s messy lifestyle when I have my own to live. Personally I believe in switching off, not reacting or using manipulation. It’s very futile and energy sapping. I better withdraw emotional resources invested in you and redirect them elsewhere. Like I would do if you became insane and started walking naked on the streets bcz actually sleeping around and drinking are actually forms of insanity. At least that’s how I see it. Who in their right mind will risk their health and marriage over a 5 minutes activity? Not to mention the mental energy of hiding those affairs. It’s just such a terrible lifestyle. I feel exhausted just thinking about it. Talk about a no win situation.