REVEALED: Xi Jinping to be overthrown by Li Kenqiang.

[SIZE=7]British Analyst Envisions Overthrow of China’s Xi Jinping[/SIZE]
By Natalie Liu
July 25, 2021 02:58 AM

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FILE - Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, stands as Premier Li Keqiang arrives for the closing session of China’s National People’s Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, March 15, 2019.
Chinese President Xi Jinping, pressured to resign by Li Keqiang and other Politburo members, is escorted to a coastal luxury villa while Li, along with other top civilian and military officials, forms a new government in Beijing.
The scene from a recently published book is imaginary, but its author, retired British diplomat Roger Garside, told VOA he believed the scenario was not outside the realm of possibility.
“I believe the U.S. and its allies have great economic superiority compared with China, and we’ve got to use that to bring about regime change in China,” Garside said in a phone interview from his home in London.
Former British diplomat Roger Garside. (Olivia Furtwängler)
"We can’t decide from outside how China shall be governed, but as I show in my book, there are those within China who want to change, and we can work to help those people. We can work to bring about conditions in which they can achieve what they want.”
Garside’s view of what is possible in China is rooted in his own experience during three years as the principal analyst of Chinese internal politics at the British Embassy in Beijing. Before that, he served as a British officer in Hong Kong, watching escapees risking their lives to cross the border into Hong Kong in 1958.
Other experts have their doubts about his scenario, however.
Andrew Nathan, who teaches at Columbia University in New York, pointed out that there are measures in place designed to prevent precisely the kind of unauthorized conversations among Chinese Politburo members that would permit the coordination of a coup.
“I cannot imagine how a Li Keqiang and a Wang Yang would have a chance for a secret, unauthorized conversation or how they could get away with contacting a third or a fourth person secretly,” Nathan said in an email exchange.
Khrushchev example
What might be possible, he said, is something like what happened when then-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was deposed in 1964.
In that scenario, Nathan said, “a given [Politburo] member speaks up in a [Politburo or [Politburo standing committee] meeting and attacks Xi, hoping, without having prearranged it, that others will join in. … But such a move would be extremely risky. What could make it happen? I guess not a U.S. initiative, but something extremely tragic in China.”
Garside maintains that if China’s second-ranking official Li and like-minded leaders were to challenge Xi, they would not be without public support.
“At the start of my tour of duty as the British Embassy’s principal analyst of China’s internal politics, I had taken a decision, known only to myself, that I would work on the assumption that in terms of political values and instincts, the similarities between the Chinese people and ‘us’ were primary, and the differences were secondary,” Garside recounts in his book, China Coup.
“China Coup – The Great Leap to Freedom” by Roger Garside was published by The University of California Press in May 2021. (Natalie Liu/VOA)
“Events over my three-year posting confirmed me in this view,” Garside continues, describing citizen initiatives that struck him as “the most spectacular illustration of their values and their resolve to shape their own future.”
More than 40 years have passed, but Garside still remembers an exchange he had with Wei Jingsheng, a leading figure from what became known as the Democracy Wall movement.
“He fully expected the Party to act against him and other democracy activists, so I asked him: why do you persist?”
Wei’s answer, he wrote in the book, was, “Because I know that democracy is the future of China and if I speak out now, there is a possibility that I can hasten the day when the Chinese people will enjoy democracy.”
That spirit, Garside notes, was seen again at the time of the 1989 Tiananmen protests when “on a single day, 18 May, six million people joined demonstrations in 132 cities across the country.”
The author also pointed to the reaction upon the death last year of Li Wenliang, the Wuhan doctor who was silenced and reprimanded for warning of the coronavirus. “Millions of people went online to demand freedom of expression, and messages expressing grief and outrage were viewed one billion times,” he said.
Creative thinking urged
Garside told VOA he recognized that developing the right strategy to deal with today’s China was “the greatest challenge to international statesmanship in my lifetime, and I’m 83 years old.”
He said he believed creative thinking could help, and that’s why he combined fiction with analysis. In the end, he said he believed it would be best to leave the future for the Chinese people – including the current political elite – to write their own history.
"You’ll notice my book stopped short of predicting how the transition will succeed or fail — I dealt with day one of the new regime, then we sign off,” he said.

The west will write anything to sell books . No way he can be overthrown . Chinese people knows what’s at stake and what the guy has done for them .

Nimewachia kusoma hapa.

watafanya Winnie the pooh auwe baba ya wenyewe bure

What Bladifuckin hogwash!

Mambo mengine achia @digi

Western imperialism when they want to overthrow nations that don’t bow to their demands. suprised he didn’t mention how chineese people need democracy

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Baseless analysis

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waste of time shit thread NKT

Very accurate. Xi jinping will be made to stand down mainly because of covid. The party elders ndio kusema.

Killing 4 million ndio unaita done for them??? Your man is going down. He helped you steal the U.S election and down he will go.

About time.

Look at the cover “the great leap to freedom” another way of saying democracy

Bloodclot slavers can’t believe there are people who see through their rubbish civilization and stick to their own culture, values and economic systems. Penda sana. This is enough proof that the unjust west has about lost it hence the desperation. Regime change really in a nuclear armed superpower? Try something else faggets like understanding your rainbow genders kwanza. Africans wake up and jettison all foreign thinking that relegates us to 3rd world status

All the top guys he has been jailing over the past few years are those who have proposed Xi should stand down. The murmers started during the trade war with U.S. Then again with OBOR one belt one road. Some top party members are nervous about whether the loans given to poor countries will be repaid. They are also concerned that China today is looked at like a financial colonizer than a friend.

And then of course Wuhan Lab corona virus. Bio weapon. Over 4 million dead. People are looking at Xi Jinping from a different lens. These back to back floods that have hit China yet govt continues to lie that only 33 have died. Yet whole cities are submerged, billion dollar infrastructure meant to address the floods has failed spectacularly.

Hong Kong is another issue. Chinese people like Hong Kong. Most Chinese have relatives and friends in Hong Kong and they don’t support these attacks on Hong Kong autonomy.

The South China sea conflict where Xi is building military bases and pissing off all the small countries : Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan etc.

Chinese citizens prefer a peaceful dictator and not this warrior. Chinese are being beaten up abroad. Women punched in streets. Once the elders tell you to step down, ni hivyo. The elders are the retired Chinese presidents and premiers.

Yeah, so much insight from his three years of experience as a principal analyst of Chinese internal politics. Mugumo tree, razor blade, and other short stories

The west are trying hard to bring China down. They know that Chinese came up with a successful system that lifted the country from a very poor nation to a successful industrial one.

And behind that successful system is China’s powerful leaders who are at the forefront of that change.

The US would want to China to be unstable and also insert a leader who they can control. The US is using minor details (problems) as an excuse and would use leaders who have been affected, jailed by Xi Jimping

But hey this is China not just any other nation. There was a time around 2012 when China managed to break into US intelligent secret forces communication systems who were sent to spy China. China could secretly see all their communications and one by one, ensured it killed all of those spies (Some were Chinese working for US)

Wow the fucking entitlement dripping of that book could the fill the indian ocean twice. Whitie thinks everyone owes them a regime change once in a while