Revealed: Why uhuru is sponsoring assmio maandamano

It’s facts uhuru is sponsoring tinga after he received a tax invoice of 1.2trillion. dynasties has taken kenya for a ride since 2005. Kenyatta’s and moi’s haven’t been paying land rates, value-added tax, and many other taxes like water and electricity. Habari ndio hio

Hii mambo yote tuwachie 'state capture commission ’


Protecting the Kenyatta loot was the reason he did not wanna leave! and the reason he was protecting the old senile deluded Jakuon.

Anus licker leta effdense hata kwa gazetti

Abujubuju jambass said to anus lickers @sani @Berlin Oxford @Titty Twister @Kalenjin101

take the man to court .

Ni panganga za anus licker @Berlin Oxford tu hakuna effdens

Madam @Finest wine , if all this is true, why did you vote for a known tax evader thrice?
When exactly did Uhuru go from being the blue-eyed kingpin of the people to becoming a thug and a tax evader? It surely didn’t happen overnight.

The problem lies with us.

NCBA merger

swthrt whatever jayden stole for 10yrs he can pay that na fuliza :D:D.the issue is not about the old thieves , issue is the new thieves who are robbing us while wakitwambia ati wana tusaidia.

Maji ya ulaya hikufanyi brown wwe mama?

Can you let that looter enjoy his looted wealth in retirement ju hakuna mahali mtampeleka

Ukweli kabisa.

The evil Kenyatta family must be delt with

Between two evils, chose the lesser one.

Konyagi alipe ushuru

ungekuwa unatupea GoK propaganda na zakayo1 content si campaigns against a 3 time elected president.

will you continue with this propaganda mpaka 2027?

Whatclaw was breached ?