Revealed: Uhuru Want a Third Term!!!!

Kumbe gatheca hataki kwenda nyumbani? Somebody had said that sometimes back here where we were discussing about bbi nonsense but sikuamini. It is now clear that the guy does not want to relinquish state power. That is why he is actively campaigning for the senile man. The truth of the matter is that uhuru will be the one ruling. He has even confirmed the same in the following video.


You trust the same lawyer who represented Uhuru in 2013 and 2017? You really think he is anti Uhuru?

Uhuru hawezi wacha power sai… I knew that the moment he started pushing hard for BBI

Ati kazi is not finished in two terms, maliza tu uende, kibaki left without the noise.
Dynasties/ pedigree are really selfish

@pink, ulikua umeguzia hii story

Kazi iendelea.

The boy is too young to retire

Amalize aende brare fu