Revealed: Raila's Plans to Be in Government in 2018

It is now a foregone conclusion that Cord/Nasa will lose the forthcoming general elections. Quite simply, the opposition is out-numbered and out-gunned. Voter registration in their strongholds are nothing to write home about, and only one of their so-called principals – Raila Odinga – has anywhere near the resources, networks and confidence to sustain a presidential campaign, which some analysts say requires upwards of Sh10 billion.

Raila and his acolytes know they are in for a humiliation from the Jubilee juggernaut if the elections are held.

Not only is Uhuru Kenyatta the incumbent, meaning he can draw on the structures of State (he doesn’t need to lease helicopters at Sh250,000 an hour, for example, when he has tens of KDF planes at his disposal) but he is also Kenya’s richest man. Even more importantly, Uhuru can draw on a network of Jomo-era billionaires who together can raise the Sh10 billion required to sustain a campaign in one afternoon. His fanatical base has registered as voters in numbers (Kiambu alone has registered nearly 200,000 voters, more than the entire of Nyanza or Western). Even more devastatingly Uhuru’s personal approval ratings have hit an all-time high of 66%, according to an Ipsos poll released on February 13.

Not even the long-drawn doctors’ and lecturers’ strikes have dented the president’s allure.

So, is Raila and co. done and dusted? Will ‘baba’s’ last one bullet be a dud?

Not quite.

Anecdotal and circumstantial evidence suggests that having realized that there is no way they can win against Kenyatta, Cord/Nasa strategists are planning to ‘win’ in another devilish and cynical manner; by subverting the electoral process itself.

The thinking is that if the electoral process is so delegitimized, compromised or even stalled, an opportunity will arise for either a pre-electoral of post-electoral accommodation, or as Kenyans call it a ‘nusu-mkate’ arrangement.

This explains why, for instance, court cases have been filed by either Cord/Nasa or their affiliates to stop the acquisition of voter materials, the auditing of the voter register and even the conclusion of the voter registration process. It beggars belief, for instance, that a judge can order an independent commission on when or not to conclude a voter registration exercise – if that precedent was followed, then common logic would beg that judges be given the mandate to run the entire government machinery (it also brings to mind another bizarre ruling that required the Judicial Service Commission to interview law students for the position of Chief Justice).

If the electoral process is stalled or even stopped, as Raila and co. hope, the Cord/Nasa formation will demand for a Transitional Government, to run for a year or two, and which will have the mandate to organize a new electoral process. Cord/Nasa hopes that faced with a stand-off on this matter, the international community will support such an accommodation. And just like that, Raila and co. will find themselves back in government, as co-rulers.

If this pre-electoral gambit fails, Raila and co. will engage the post-electoral game-plan to achieve a ‘nusu-mkate’ arrangement. Robbed of the militant Kalenjin vote, which in 2008 perpetrated widespread violence against supporters of the then government, Raila’s wing hopes to achieve this through legal and extra-legal measures. In this, Cord/Nasa is awake to the fact that it no longer has the potential for violence that it had in 2008, and also that government supporters could easily turn the tables and commit widespread atrocities of their own.

In the event, Cord/Nasa hopes that it will enforce a post-electoral pact in two broad ways – through the judicial system or through Parliament.

In the judicial strategy, Cord/Nasa hopes that all it will require is for the Supreme Court to rule that the electoral process was so compromised that it was impossible to tell who the winner was. This strategy for example explains why Raila and co. were pushing for an electronic back-up to the voting process – hired Indian hackers could simply crash the entire system and its back-up and leave the country bewildered and clueless. But they can’t crash a manual system, can they?

It is also why Raila has at every turn accused various state institutions – NIS, NYS, KWS, the Police, and even the KDF - of working to rig the elections in favour of Uhuru. It is all a part of a ‘delegitimisation’ effort. Lost to him, bizarrely, is the fact that these institutions are manned by Kenyans from all corners of the country – of all political persuations!

It is also why Kenyans were recently treated to the outlandish show of the ID numbers of all former presidents and vice-presidents being allegedly used for multiple voter registrations. Cord/Nasa strategists simply picked on these prominent Kenyans and used compliant IEBC clerks to tamper with the voter’s register. It is, afterall, statistically implausible that only the ID numbers of such prominent personalities would be used for double registration.

A Raila-compliant media would, as expected, of course not raise this simple fact. It did, on the contrary and as expected by Cord strategists, plaster the said malpractices by the IEBC on their front pages – as unquestioned truths.

In the Parliamentary gambit, the Raila’s axis hopes against hope to garner more Parliamentary seats than Jubilee to paralyse government business in the House, including by not passing the Budget. This would automatically lead to the desolution of the government, or the incorporation of Raila and his acolytes into the same.

While this possibility is far-fetched, Cord/Nasa are willing to entertain it as part of the wide range of strategies that will see them back in power over the next seven months.

Jubilee die-hards laugh off these schemes as the last kicks of dying horses. They dismiss Raila and his team as spent forces, battle-weary ogres from another age.

Some of us urge caution, and a little hubris. Because, after all, it’s never over until it’s over. Only then can the RWNBP mantra ring true.


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I mentioned this at the start of the non-issue that was the IEBC violent riots that failed completely. However it didn’t work then and wouldn’t work now.



I can almost hear Bush singing “Ohh, Ohh Ohh, Aaaaaahh”

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At first I thought I was reading a snippet of a copy and pasted post from some newspaper until I saw the RWNBP. :D:D:D:D Couch P hapa tuko pamoja. I agree with this post because I see all these things as well. One thing I have faith in is the jubilee strategy team that always seems to come out on top. Somehow they seem like chess grandmasters always beating raila at his own game. I know Raila will fail miserably.


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Babuonists someni muone vile TINgOD atapata unga…

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Exactly the counter strategy has been on top. Even now things are cooking vizuri. Remember the different headlines showing naswa different picks over the weekends. watermelon team sponsored their own article showing how he must be the pick and odm countered with their own the next day. wetangula is just ignored and asked to go for governorship. This week muthama long list of betrayals continues as he openly supports babuon over his party leader. Let the civil war continue as we get set for party members registration followed closely by the party primaries.


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When your salary is increased because of your sycophancy after Jubilee wins come back talk to us, you will not gain anything better than others who will ‘loose’ the elections, only that the Kenyatta family and his extended family of Beth Mugo will retain their hold on contracts, otherwise you shall still continue wallowing and struggling just as other Kenyans, you put so much faith in ethnic gods who despise and don’t know you a commoner but will benefit at the end, and insult others instead of focusing on improving yourself, let’s see how uthamaki will help you personally,