Revealed: Number of Suitors Who Visited Viral Baringo Girl and What They Wanted

After trending on social media, the Baringo girl whose photo was being shared has become the talk on Monday after new details emerged.
It has been revealed that men have been visiting the home of the Baringo girl to ask for her hand in marriage after she caught their eye following the photo.
The girl’s photo was doing rounds online when people were talking about how Baringo residents are suffering due to lack of water.
In the photo, the girl is seen carrying a container of water as it was revealed that residents have to walk for long distance to fetch water.
The photo however caught the men’s attention and days later it has emerged that sixteen suitors have already visited her home to ask for her hand in marriage.
“16 suitors have shown up seeking her hand in marriage: 6 men from Samburu County, 5 men from Baringo North, 4 men from Lembus, and 2 close relatives to Mzee Kibor of Eldoret. One from Samburu brought 20 goats, 2 camels and 3 hens to the girl’s home,” it was revealed.
Netizens had mixed reactions following the move by the sixteen suitors to ask for her hand in marriage.
“Single ladies anzeni kubeba maji,” said Mikey.
“Wakenya hawaoni hata kibuyu,” said Ferdinand Omondi.
“I think people should have thought of advancing either her education or business/talent whatever she is good at before thinking dowry,” said Mwenda Miriti.
“Men will always be men, you can’t let something good pass you. You should have assisted the family at least mjege nyumba,” said Mary Njoki.
“Stori za fetching water from the lake, kwanza weka kando. Tumsifu Mwenyezi Mungu maana ni muumba wa viumbe vyote,” said Retired Senior Chief.

Wanataka kienyeji sio takataka mzee kama makena

It had to be a Njoki. It’s funny how the stereotypes are never far off.
Mary Njoki is already making expensive demands on behalf of the girl even before the suitors have said hello to the woman. Notice that Mary Njoki is not appealing for something utilitarian like a donkey ndio the stranded lady abebe maji kwa urahisi, she is asking for a nyumba!

Kaa kuna suitor elder anaenda ivyo tafadhali nicome na kibuyu 5 litre ya asali pale radat karibu na Marigat.

Next to Lenana high school gate there is a government institution. Huko ndani kuna a shop that sells asali sourced from huko kwa wakalenjin.

Hii kienyeji ikizaa inarudi kuchapa ile serious…

Aiyeee waliharibu hiyo asali bwana,siku hizi wanaongeza sukari