Rev Lucy Wambui Natasha finally engaged for marriage


Always thought she was a luyha,kumbe she is probably from my Ambui clan

That man is a kipii to me for kneeling in front of a pudesh.

She should be the one on her knees.

Guy looks younger than her.

I think that’s a by gone era or the guy is not equally loaded. The pastor flys private for the gram.

“Thou shalt not bow down unto them, for I am a jealous God”

Naona the guy ni watu wa send bob and vagene. Did he “send bob and vagene” his way to their marriage?

So jana ililala ndaaaaaani

Put simply, you like to kneel before the loaded:D

She looks like she only knows kifo cha Mende style.

Not really but based on the guys posture might cut him some sluck. Who knows what he is simping for?

uyo pastor inakaa yeye ndio kusemaa kwa hio relationship

Hehe, I hear you

Tuliona before Grimaldi Man atoke Turkana

Who is marrying the other ?,
It’s non of my business though.

jamaa anaoa malaya Sonko humwaga ndani. wacha tungoje video

Mr Carmel marrying Reverend

Itakuwa ngori Sonko akitoa findio

she is becoming whiter and whiter, bleaching itaua yeye.



Hio mama ni laundromat ya pesa ya drugs.