Rev Lucy Natasha... Safisha macho


Ngoja waamke

hio toyota iko swafi sana.

Let me amend this , @teamtalk you’re generally slow.

Why on earth are her cars registered as Oracle.Mimi natambua Oracle database pekee

Conman chukua Oracle umtafutie kazi New Zealand ama Papua New Guinea, jinga. Ngombe @Mbuthia89 wewe

we we mpenda shemales and trans wacha usenge… Trans bado ni ndume

I have never understood some people’s obsession with western name combination. Especially when they use them even in public. And the combinations often border on the absurd. Unapata mtu anatumia two traditionally Western First Names and they think it sounds nice. Ati Lucy Natasha. Some combine their first name and their husband / boyfriend’s first name. Zingine nimeona ni Liz Ken, Alice Joseph, anyway, Kila nyani na njaro zake

So much money and shit cars.

mattercore iko wapi? hips ziko sawa i hope diabz si flatscreen

Willy Paul, Khaligraph Jones. Appeal to the newly urbanized. All the ‘reverends’ and bishops.

Average audience can’t tell the difference. It’s a big car and a Benz.

Hakuna tofauti ya huyu na slay queen wenye huenda kupigiwa picha nje ya gate ya wenyewe.

Nowadays I take anything religion with a pinch of salt, especially the new church owners in Nairobi.

Kiulizo tu, hizo Oracle ziko 1 up to 7?

Oracle si ni mganga? Haiya watu wa Mungu tuchunge coz wolves are now in sheepskins and false christs will be allover in the last days!

Nothing to see here. She’s an extremely average woman just youngish and brown. Seen a lot better out there.

Oracle dB ni ya babake?