Return of the mamba

Mamba croc is back,
[ATTACH=full]94526[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]94527[/ATTACH]
The original one had been brought down by 001 in his wars with Awiti Boro owner of mamba village, nyali MP and aspiring gafana.
@Ice_Cube leta rink

I remember taking a photo there as a kid in lower primary

And by then ,heard twas under the Israelites management …but i stand to be corrected

@kingolonde ukipitia hapo ongezea mbisha

Will do so.
I spent many, many weekends in Mamba during my 20’s. Later graduated to the more mature Croco pub in the same complex. [SIZE=1]Hata nimewahi pewa slices hapo kwa car park![/SIZE]

Mimi nakula keki hapa kasarani
Hii kijiji watu hufanya harusi ??

Kwa hivyo Ni nyinyi mnaimba ‘werokamu’ hapa nyuma ya bedsitter zangu seasons

Joho is basically a malicious guy with a massive chip on his shoulder. When is the Mombasa populace going to understand that and elect a performer?

[SIZE=6]Shahbal hits at Joho over garbage menace, pledges to deal with mess if elected[/SIZE]

Waaart…kumbe that was what was happening…imagine nilipita tu hapo and wondered what all the holabaloo was all about?
Nimeshinda hapa…but its definately not worth the amount they are charging! That is my opinion though

kura kwa Awiti, one thing I like about him is that hana ukabila.

kura kwa Awiti, one thing I like about him is that hana ukabila.

hiyo mamba ilikuwa iconic sana.

Kiuliso tu…
Unangoja ufinywe McAgary ndio uangushe hekaya?

Ebu nikutusi, meffi wewe, we agreed ukifika unipigie

Hehehe chill bana

Admin should recognize your efforts

Is that Mount Joho at the back?. I’m sure very few people can scale it!

Mamba tunaendanga Sunday school…

Yes, Mt.Joho, because his brother and cronies collect contract money but not the garbage.