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On an unlikely hot Monday in mid-July, I stepped out to get my blood flowing again. This was after an indoors weekend so I pedalled around, with no particular destination in mind, hoping to discover a new universe. I ended up on a bench at the bus stand. Seated next to me was a cheerful guy talking about something. On the left side of the bench there was a street urchin working a Chinese coin slot gambling machine.

This urchin could not have been more than ten years old. He wore tattered, dirty clothes and was barefoot. On his left palm he held a few coins in a tight grasp.

He slotted a coin into the machine, pressed a few buttons. The machine made electronic sounds then nothing happened. He repeated that for all his coins. He lost every time –and every time he lost the man seated next to me laughed hysterically. Two or three times, the street boy insulted the happy man but his insults just bounced off.

When the boy ran out of coins he put his left hand in his pocket and fished out a fresh hundred shilling note. The laughing man could no longer contain himself. He had lost his senses in a loud, shoulder-shaking, snorty laughter.

Ignoring the man, the boy walked into a nearby shop and came back with more coins.

He slotted the first coin into the gambling machine and unsurprisingly lost the bet. I cannot describe what state the laughing man next to me was in. His laughter was infectious though. I tried to contain laughter myself. At this point I thought either the machine was broken, rigged or I had just met the unluckiest boy on the planet.

I advised the boy not waste any more of his money on the unfair machine but he rudely told me off; adding that, unlike me, he was not afraid to lose a thing. M’kay.

Well, kept going until he lost all after which he stood there for about half a minute. His losses finally sinking in. Perhaps thinking about some tough oncoming consequence. The man next to me now sweating from all that laughing… and still laughing.

Then something entirely unexpected happened. Something that made me realise that this street urchin was, after all, still just a child. His eyes began to fill with tears.

He was crying.

Goodnight and Goodbye


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What a @TerribleWaste of supper…

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ungrmpatia ka 20 Bob awache kulia

i would not trust a person with a bad handwriting,it speaks volumes about character