Retrospective view of Africans

If I don’t post this now, I may not later.

As you denigrate yourselves with insults about how dumb and uncivilised you are, take a step back and look at it from another perspective.




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Saw that earlier and I was wondering about all the wrongs that can happen in less than a century. Fuck it

paspektive natambua ni @malayaspective tuuu

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You are being revisionist and I have seen this image on whatsapp. Even in 1835, people who knew what africa is also knew that it did not qualify as a political country, because it was a continent carrying many kingdoms and all sorts of council-ruled establishments.
This image is a fake of the one below and the picture is not his. Macaulay concerned himself with India not Africa and he once said this, “It is, I believe, no exaggeration to say that all the historical information which has been collected from all the books written in the Sanskrit language is less valuable than what may be found in the most paltry abridgement used at preparatory schools in England”



Ati what?

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The fake one was posted by one Benji Ndolo pale Twitter. And those are the TV analysts who have invaded our screens with half-baked analysis.


The problem with people is they lack that precious sense of skepticism. It keeps people from editing history. na kwanza huyo ndolo hunikalia fake.

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Thank you sir !

I agree

Na vile yeye hujichocha ati he’s top dog. Then you listen to his arguments you give up.


I had even saved that pic on whatsapp. Wacha niitoe. Nkt!


sande sana Ducati

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it is a monkeys paradise

We wuz kangz and shiet

You may be confused about what revisionism is. There is nothing that I posted that in any way retold a story that we did not already know.

While I frankly do not know whether the post is a fake and derived from a previous story about India, I can definitely draw a parallelism between India and Africa in that they were both “pure” of the ills introduced by the colonialist; ideas about values, about lack of petty theft and beggars resonate with both places.

You draw a distinction between a ‘political country’ and kingdoms and ‘Council ruled establishments’. In your view what are Kingdom’s and local councils? Conversely what is a ‘political country’? It seems to me that you’re taking liberties are drawing semantic differences that are non existent. May I remind you that England has always been a kingdom and if you are going to call it a’ political country’ then Kingdoms and ‘councils’ in Africa qualify as political countries.

Most importantly the message was about the tranquility and purity in Africa before it was invaded by colonialists. Whether you use a borrowed example from India or not, is really immaterial.


Who cares if there’s a fake one doing the rounds or not? Does the message behind it resonate with you and with Africa? THAT’S the question!

Skepticism should help you figure out if a vehicle will get you from point A to B. Not whether the vehicle is red or blue.