Retirement. Was it worth it? Meh

Picture MrX an 18 year old dude fresh from highschool
MrX is lucky in life he got good grades (and as the first born son) his parents have always blessed with a car
The university Mr.X joined iko nairobi so analipiwa nyumba pia
MrX ametoka ocha kiplani so he wants to sample the good life
He goes an a hunting spree amassing almost 8 dozen women (which he keeps a gallery of soft kwa phone & hardcopy kwa album of-course)
MrX has standards and will not chat up: Anyone over 28 years (Danger zone), Any prostitutes, Any NonKenyan women etc etc
MrX will be retiring very soon and plans to turn his energies elsewhere

Looking back and wondering if it was worth the effort
Mr.X explains that it was 100% necessary for his mentality and peace of mind.
But also discourages any man from perusing this route as there are no tangible returns just memories

MrX has no children/ bastards
Has been tested and screened for hiv by the country’s best hospital in westlands and is in perfect health
MrX is single and turning 23 in November
MrX has a proper suit and tie job (sio kama nyinyi wa juakali)

MrX is looking for suggestions on his final 10 bucketlist challenge

Try approaching women kwa street,mathree etc if u think u got the balls

Not just women,try walking up to a stranger and saying good morning. Tomorrow… Utajua bado hujui…

  1. Shut up
  2. Kill yourself
  3. Go to hell

you are living your parents dream, retire and start your own life

Son, Just because you get your Hoes from Tinder and tagged doesn’t mean you’re macho or immune to the bullshit that comes with the street walkers.

This, but unironically.