Retirement plans: Millenials and Gen Z arent saving shit

[SIZE=7]Some Millennials and Gen Z have hit an ‘apocalyptic’ phase in which they don’t see the point in saving for the future[/SIZE]

[li]The New York Times reports that millennials and Gen Zers aren’t saving for the future.[/li][li]Instead, they’re spending on the now — from dinners out to new apartments to hobbies.[/li][li]Both generations have dealt with economic instability, and stare down the existential threat of climate crisis. [/li][/ul]
This thread has funny comments bana


Nijae kodiaga, ule singo mama ali cum through?

Hawapangwingwi. Wazee wakufe waache kusumbua


Oh ,kumbe ni bazungu anaongelelea?


@Abba @uwesmake what if all people dont save. The bank will collapse juu hakuna pesa wana pata. This is a good strategy to bring the Banking cartel down.

Situation is not fair

Companies like blackrock have made it impossible for people to become home owners ! they have bought up real estate making sure people who haven’t bought houses will become perpetual renters ,don’t forget big companies took jobs overseas for cheap labour, so most people are trying to survive on the gig economy where one cannot save, so people are not even starting families, don’t forget this same people have student loans , the middle class who hold up the economy is being culled by this greedy corporates

West is slowly finishing itself. Alot of them hawataanza families because of low income.

Pia sisi watu wa vumbistan tuko same boat but yetu inaletwa by high unemployment and underemployment.

Ni kubaya both ways :D:D

You can’t save what you don’t have.