Retirement inaumiza wazee huku village

The quality of life that one lives in the sunset days as a man depend on the following things(as per the training given to us when we got retrenched a few years back):
1.How you treat your family:If you were earning 120k per month but the family is on a strict diet of ugali mboga or ugali omena while you eat nyamachoma and drink beer with slaygals then when you retire don’t expect to be treated as a king.Ni reality.
2.Your spending culture.Kuna talker amesema venye ukipata Bob,kula sumni weka sumni.Hii point ita make difference kubwa sana kwa maisha ya uzeeni.As a man,as you raise and save for your family,put away something for yourself yenye hujaambia mtu.
3.Start investing in passive income from a young age so that by the time you get to the older ages of mid 40s and 50s your savings will have compounded into something huge enabling you to live very comfortably with the interest earned.Usiweke pesa kwa bank.
4.Never have the civil servant mentality ati ukijenga massionette pale dala you become the talk of the village uanze ku feel ati umefika.When your savings start running out utaanza kung’oa ma ceiling board uuze angalao upate ya kuenda kutoa stress kwa base ya changaa.
5.Start getting entrepreneurial experience at a tender age.Open a cyber,or wines and spirits shop,or a car wash.Just open something.Take a short course on how to balance a ledger and to read, understand and interpret financial statements.If you start doing this earlier in life and then you retire with a lumpsum later on,you will not have trouble establishing a running business.Huko dala kwetu kuna a 81year old former Caltex employee hunibamba na lifestyle yake.Amefungua petrol steshen mbili independent dealer,fully owned.Kwa each petrol station kuna car wash,shops,bar,and some units are vacant.Kwa homestead amejenga bungalow wazimu na amefuga ngombe 5 za grady na layers kama 100.Ameandika farm hands watatu na petrol stations mbili combined ina staff kama wanane.Ukimuuliza how much he earns anasema he earns enough to feed the family but obviously yuko league ingine coz naskia once every two weeks anaenda Kisumu kutake direct flight to Mombasa kumumunya prewall soft meat.He never inherited a huge piece of land like his younger brothers so he doesnt do much farming but his level of liquidity is up there compared to the bros.Hii quality of life ndio Enigma ana aspire in his sunset days.
6.Treat your body right.Eat healthy,exercise,avoid alcohol if you can if you can’t take it in moderation.As you get older and head towards retirement,utapata kama you were not kind to your body, unaanza kuchapwa na ma hypertension,kidney failure and even cancer.Also never forget that the older you get,the more the beating that your body takes as a result of alcohol consumption.All these will eat into your savings ujipate unakua omba omba.
7.Prostate cancer sikuizi inaua wanaume above 50years sana.Do your best to nut as much as possible because it reduces your chances of contracting it by 35-55%.Don’t listen to any semen retention nonesense.If you must nut by fuaking,do it safely and frequently.

Was once retrenched.Luckily I was still young and was able to move on to another job.Unfortunately there were other engineers and technicians who had worked for over 35years and were given a package of between 1.8M and 3M.After six months some would call me asking if I knew of any business with guaranteed returns yenye pesa haitakulwa.Saa hizo washa kula more than half of the take home package.Many fell victims of ponzi schemes and conmen.This was despite the training that was facilitated before retrenchment exercise happened.
Quite a number of them have died because of issues relating to stressing over lack of income and inability to do business.
Because of inability to get employment because of the advanced age,many opted for jobs za watchmen with security companies earning 18k per month,Technician mzima who was in charge of an area for more than two decades.
Many young people ignore this advise thinking that old age is too far away.Alie na maskio asikie.
Juu ya hio story,someni hii article by Kimotho Waiganjo.Enigma hajawaiona mtu alipaint hii picture visooori kushinda venye wakili alifanya.


Na hii economy yetu mbaya majority of people wanaelekea huko or even worse. I am assuming atleast huyo mzee aliweza jenga nyumba yake so homelessness is not a threat.

How can anybody retire at 60 without even a kiosk ya kuenda kuuza Sukari na sweets?

Ama ni zile njaruo haziwachi tupumue pale Nairobi West?

yap ako kwake ubaya ni a small plot ya 100 by 100

Sande sana Agwas

Wewe mzee wacha maswali hope umeskia advice hapo bure kijiji haitachangia wewe

Boss, if only you knew…

Karip zana omwami khandi

govt haina pesa ya kulipa penshens. Nabii analipa ma CAS na kuiba

They totally lose their domestic position as the enforcer.

Mama anaanza kurudi nyumbani late and mzee can say shiat about it…:D:D

They all open something but it usually collapses within a few months.

Tuna jua wee ni mzee ana con watu pesa zao za kununua mashamba pale kikuyu na una drive a very old well beat Toyota wing road (must be a KBT or a KBR).Your fate will be worse coz I donno how you will survive ile siku utapelekwa remand Industrial Area wakiskiza kesi yako ya utapeli.
I would rather die than live your life at old age.Wee jiue tu.

Njaruo Toyota Wingroad ni gani tena? Wacha bangi…