Retirement inaumiza wazee huku village

With that kind of a salary, he should be receiving monthly pension

What investments are there in Kenya? Sufferation is the story of many retirees in Kenya. Unless ur kids turned out well n can throw some crumbs ur way.

Watu ya private sector pia wanapata?

Narrative hapa plantation ni happiness tupu hadi kifo.

Yeah and not less than 40k per month

The last time I checked NSSF was mandatory in Kenya for the employed , plus there are other private pension schemes for instance
[li]Jubilee Kenya personal pension plan. …[/li][li]Mbao pension scheme Kenya. …[/li][li]KCB pension scheme. …[/li][li]Boresha Maisha Retirement Plan. …[/li][li]Britam pension scheme. … Etc[/li][/ul]

True kabisa

If your father invested in you. Alikusomesha sawa sawa, sending him 30k every end month sio mbaya.
For him to know that kila end month pesa iningia account yake will remove alot of stress.

Unajua hata mtu anapata 200k hawezi manage kutuma 30k kila mwezi

Alikusomesha ndio alafu ukakosa kazi ama kazi ya mchezo tuu kama ule jamaa WA 8k

Amefuatilia hadi amehongaana lakini wapi!!

My folks and those of bibi each get four figure equal kakitu at the end of the month from our joint A/c. Check-off, so haituumi. It is like money we never earned

Probablu ali invest in wife and kids. Biig mishtake.

was he prediabetic?

What did he plan for his retirement? To wake up and watch news all day? You reap what you sow. Unless he got his kids late, there’s a period of about 10 years when kids have left your house and before you retire completely. At that time your earnings should be highest. That’s enough to stack up a retirement warchest.
If you don’t plan your life, it will be planned for you by circumstance. A wife is not an impediment.

Just make sure you exercise alot and you will be fine.

Sasa @captain obvious atatuma nini na 9k salo?

Huyu AMG hizi picha huwa anaweka hapa hu-paint sufferah wa gichagi, ni vile tu ali-invest kwa smartphone ama akagiftiwa na relatives wakikam Christmas. Most likely anatumia zile NEON ray zenye Safaricom huuza 4k. Kama hii picha kwa hii thread was clearly taken by a herdsman.

Akisema ‘ne guo’.

Saa hii kwanza kupata pension ni shida tupu