Retirement babies

So at a certain age women don’t think they can get pg so the married ones who have been on Family planning get rid of them believing that they can no longer be pg. Of course family planning has bad side effects so they are happy to be rid of them.

Nakwambia wacha upate ball hukua umepangia at 53. I know one such lady though few years down the road she got Alzimers and barely leaves her house while her husband has moved to their retirement home. Sijui kama ni mstuko wa huyo mtoto that she fell ill or what coz she was a very healthy person.

Anyway warning to those who are having a field day juu miaka imefika ya menopause. My friend use protection. Kama wewe ni wale wa I will just abort like many married women , tell me how a 50 year old woman will have guts to ask a doctor for an abortion.

If you haven’t seen your period for a whole year that’s considered menopause. If you are still getting periods, you can still get pregnant, so kama hutaki mzigo, prevention is better than cure.

On behalf of @sokwemtu thanks for that informeshen, @sokwemtu chunga kupata ball ya mcea at your menopause you filthy bottom hooligan

98% of talkers are men. So they don’t identify with this post.

Of the remaining 2% who’re female, most of them are young chics in their twenties. So they also don’t identify with this post.

Your desired target audience are 50-year-old women, like yourself. But those women are not on this forum. They’re busy taking care of their families and homes.

Go wash your filthy panties and stop being a nuisance to young kids.


Never heard of a 50 year old get a children unless with artificial methods.

Ata 55 najua. Kwanzaa those artifical methods interfere with the body sana. Afadhali ata you go to a herbalist. These kids it’s like when you don’t need them is when they are looking come. My bros wife misses taking her pill for one day. Not two. She got a baby at 48. Hio sii ni kama 50? Anyway it’s better to avoid than go to remove coz some married women have sworn to abort any unwanted pregnancies and Sakayo has made things worse.

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