Retired President Daniel Moi registers for Huduma Namba as Kenyans rush to beat tomorrow's deadline.

mbona sioni Man Gidi?

yaani hadi mdosi wa ict anaenda…na gharama ya ndege tulipie…si clerks walikuwa tosha tu…sasa next ni kwa obako na moody?

Moody alipelekewa on thursday kwa nyumba yake westlands

Si kwanza alipe ile 1mbirrion ya shamba aligrab

Hehehe, si hizi pr zimekuwa nyingi bana

Na vile aliiba pesa huku…alipe hio shamba aligrab

Sasa mtu anachungulia kaburi huduma namba inamsaidiaje? Ama aliambiwa St. Peter anampiga picha ya kuprocess passport ya kuingia mbinguni?

I was to ask this question, then I thought better.

Delete hii comment Boss.Unaeza enda umwache.Mauti haichagui umri.

Mzee Moi, the real Baba wa Taifa looks out of it. It looks like he was forced to appear before the cameras for PR manenos. Does he even know wher he is? or what he is doing?. But can he complain? He is having the time of his life considering the fate of his fellow African strongmen from Milton Obote, Iddi Amin, Nkurumah, Sankara, Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Mobutu Sessek9 to al Bashir, and the likes. He has lived in peace at his own palace at Kabarak after retirement. He has better pension and benefits than Bill Clinton. He couldnt ask for more.

He must be nodding his head and smiling every day to his political genius, that anyone that is anybody in Kenyan politics is a protege of his. Raila, Uhuru, Ruto, Musalia, Kalonzo,… all of them. And that Kenyans actually miss his reign. Life was not as hard then. We were not very overly prosperous then, but we were not destitute either. No country (read China), had us by the balls in his watch.
He is virtually assured of a peaceful retirement and a state funeral even if he lives for the next 100 years. Can you say that for yourself or your tribal kingpin?? Nyayo aitwe Nyayo.

Boss, hapo nimehilight. Wacha bhangi…

You miss him saaana…thats why you support Moi 2.0. A.k.a William ruto

Not westlands … just opposite Muthangari police station … I’ve been personally there

Tell me what indicators are better now than then.?

It shows how the government is DESPERATE

Moi has lived his active years well. He is a political fox and played that game well. Wale wana payukapayuka ati “ohhh ohhhh moi this ohhh ohhh moi that” hapa ktalk will never have the influence moi had/has nor reach the pinacle of kenyan society.

Let the old man be wadau

ndo unajua kenya iko na wenyewe kazi yetu niku lipa ushuru na kuwatukuza wenye nchi

Influence of economically destroying our country or which one are you talking about?

We seriously need an unlike button.

I know “this is hard” for you but please understand that running a newly independent country isnt easy. A country with 42 tribes with different languages, cultures and religions.

He may not have run the economy well but remember this is but one aspect of the tapestry that makes up a state.